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The pandemic changed the workforce when it hit 19 months ago. You saw business closures and employers and employees left wondering how to move forward. Up until then, remote work was like an exclusive club where only a selected few could gain entrance and if you did, you had it made. When it became a way of life, you saw another change to the workforce. Employees loved the flexibility and autonomy. They had no more commute times to deal with and they could better protect their family from the virus. In fact, 81% of the population love it and have no desire to go back to the office. So, how can you continue to work remotely without jeopardizing your job?

Ways to Keep Remotely Working:

An Entrepreneur Home Office.
An Entrepreneur Home Office.
Research Work Conditions

The main concern for you, with returning to office, is the virus. Now, before you can make your case about the need to continue working remotely, it is a great idea to ask your boss or HR department what their Covid measures are and how they intend to keep the office safe during this crisis. These questions will help you make an informed decision.

2. Keep Track of Productivity

Tracking your productivity for a couple of weeks, and then presenting the data to your employer showing how you have managed high-priority tasks and met deadlines, can be the difference between continuing remote work, looking for another job or returning to the office.

3. Assurance of Availability

Employers worry that employees who work remote will not be as available during the work hours as before. This is your time to assure them that you will continue to be available and will continue to meet teams’ goals and objectives just like you would do back in the office.

4. Show Flexibility

Be flexible. Let your employer know that you are available to come into the office on a case-by cases basis. You can even do a hybrid work schedule during the busy periods of work.

5. Sick? What happens Now?

Emphasize to your employer that working remotely helps keeps productivity moving in the event you get sick. Which is inevitable as the fall and winter seasons come rolling in. Be as honest as you can be about your fears and anxiety about the pandemic as well. Your employers want to listen and respect your wishes as much as possible without jeopardizing the company.

When the world changed, we changed with it. It was not easy, but we got through it, and we made it work and now employers are trying to go backwards. But you feel more comfortable and productive while working from home, and you want your employer to see that. Follow these tips to express your desires to your boss about continuing to work from home. It is the new norm and, once employers understand, everything will fall back into place.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.