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Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, and his longtime girlfriend Lauren Sanchez exclaim in their first interview together that “teamwork makes the romance work.”

During a sit-down interview with CNN, fourth-richest man in the world Bezos and journalist Sanchez expressed their love for one another.

Sánchez remarked, “We’re really great teammates, and we also have a lot of fun together.” And we cherish one another. We are a team and we always look at each other.

Bezos added, “It’s simple,”

“We respect each other and give each other energy. Therefore, working together is enjoyable, the king of online retail said.

Bezos, 58, who founded the spaceflight company Blue Origin as well, expressed his desire to make space travel affordable for everyone and his conviction that, in his lifetime, everyone should be able to visit space.

Let me give you an illustration. This tiny plane, which could only fly a few hundred feet, was flown by the Wright brothers. And the Wright brothers would laugh if you told them that a 787 will carry 400 passengers in 100 years, Bezos said.

The Emmy-winning journalist Sánchez, 52, claimed she intends to travel to space in 2023 with a “great group of females.” Sánchez founded Black Ops Aviation, the first aerial film and production company owned and run by a woman, and she is also a licensed pilot.
Bezos added, “I’ve also learned how to fly the helicopter,” which caused Sanchez to laugh. She also makes a terrible backseat driver. She is awful!

She “realized that when I’m in the back of the helicopter while he’s flying, I just kind of have to look out the window, just kind of enjoy the scenery,” Sánchez countered.

“I say, “No, no. Get up. Okay. OK, go more slowly. He’s really good, though,” she added.

The normally private couple also opened up about their typical weekends, admitting that Saturday nights are spent with their families and watching movies.

Sánchez admitted, “We can be kind of boring.” “Normal, I would say. With the kids, we eat dinner. That conversation is always enjoyable. There is a lot of conversation because there are seven of us. Then we watch a movie collectively. Finding that movie is a challenge.

He stated that he would do it gradually.

It’s difficult, Bezos said. “Creating Amazon wasn’t simple. It took a lot of hard work, a lot of smart, dedicated teammates, and I’m discovering — and I believe Lauren is too — that charity and philanthropy are very similar.

There are many ways you could, in my opinion, do things that are ineffective, he continued. Therefore, careful consideration is required, as well as the presence of brilliant team members.

MacKenzie Scott, Bezos’ ex-wife, has donated more than twice that amount to 465 organizations in the past two years and has given nearly $4 billion to 465 organizations in less than a year.

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