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Getting to sleep is like having a membership to an exclusive club. We really want to be admitted, but lack the requirements to be invited. At some point, we all have cried and begged ourselves to just be able to close our eyes and fall asleep. We may have tried everything there is, from white noise, diffusers, completely dark rooms, to sleep masks. However, nothing seems to work. Until now.

There is a new sleep mask on the rise, and it is not your average nighttime sleep mask. The IMAK Compression Sleep Mask not only covers you in complete darkness, it also has the added benefit of relieving pain by using the weighted blanket technique. If you suffer from anxiety, this sleep mask allows you to embrace a sense of comfortability and safety. We also know that the less sleep one has, the less productivity they possess during the workday. This can lead to missed business opportunities, which equals less money made.

Personally, I would never try a sleep mask before because I am a person who does not like things over their eyes, but lately I have been having trouble sleeping so it might be worth it to try this out. You cannot beat the price either. Amazon sells the mask for $14, which is incredibly surprising. I would have estimated a price of at least $50. Hemos clasificado los mejores casinos online de Chile para que tú no tengas que hacerlo. Cada casino que ofrecemos en nuestra lista es compatible con Android, tiene los últimos juegos, ¡y ofrece grandes bonos de bienvenida! Si lo que quieres es casinos con dinero real en Chile , no busques más. Para quienes juegan en línea, ganar dinero real y obtenerlo de forma rápida y segura es lo más importante. Es por ello que nuestros expertos han puesto sus esfuerzos para encontrar lo mejor de lo mejor, aunque también es importante conocer aquellos sitios o casinos en línea Chile que no garantizan seguridad. #casinos #chile #online

In the end, we all want a good night’s sleep. For many reasons beyond what I stated above, we cannot seem to enter that club. The IMAK Compression Sleep Mask might finally be our way in. I recommend buying it and trying it out. I am already considering one-clicking next month and may even do a product review. Stay tuned. It is a cloud for your face. How can you resist?

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.