House Speaker Kevin McCarthy called on House Republicans to vote against GOP Representative Lauren Boebert’s resolution that sought to impeach President Joe Biden this week, citing it as an inappropriate time for such action, according to multiple sources in a closed-door meeting reported by CNN.

The resolution proposed by Boebert has caused division among House Republicans, with several members expressing frustration over her push for a vote on this politically contentious matter.

McCarthy confirmed CNN’s previous report that the House will refer Boebert’s impeachment resolution to the Homeland Security Committee. A rule vote will be conducted on the floor to facilitate the referral to the committee, allowing Republicans to temporarily address the politically sensitive issue. However, tensions within the party regarding this matter were evident throughout Wednesday.

When asked about the strategy to send the resolution to committee, McCarthy stated, “I think that’s best for everybody,” as reported by CNN.

During the closed-door meeting, McCarthy argued that Republicans should allow committee investigations to unfold and cautioned against rushing into impeachment, as it could jeopardize their slim majority, according to sources. He highlighted that House Republicans have regained the majority five times in the last century but lost it twice in the following cycle.

“What majority do we want to be?” McCarthy posed to the conference, as relayed by a source. “Give it right back in two years or hold it for a decade and make real change?”

Sources familiar with the matter revealed that McCarthy had invited Boebert to speak at the closed-door conference meeting, but she declined. Boebert did not attend the Wednesday meeting, according to a source. CNN has reached out to Boebert’s office for comment.

McCarthy informed reporters on Wednesday that he does not support the resolution, stating, “I think to prematurely bring something up like that, to have no background in it, it undercuts what we’re doing” at the committee level.

Since gaining the House majority, several House Republicans have introduced articles of impeachment against President Biden. However, Boebert made a procedural move on Tuesday that would compel the chamber to vote on Biden’s impeachment this week.

The timing and occurrence of the vote remain uncertain. Boebert stated that she would not force a full House vote on Wednesday night, and it is still possible that a vote to dismiss the impeachment resolution could take place later in the week.

McCarthy also raised concerns about the potential for the House GOP conference to censure Democratic Representative Adam Schiff of California for misusing his position in Congress and then using similar reasoning to justify impeaching Biden the next day, according to sources.

After the closed-door conference meeting, McCarthy ignored questions from CNN and instead criticized the network.

Some House Republicans expressed apprehension over their right-wing colleagues using procedural methods to bypass the committee process and force floor votes, especially after demanding a return to regular order as part of their conditions for electing McCarthy as speaker earlier this year, as per sources.

“I think that things like impeachment are one of the most awesome powers of the Congress,” stated one lawmaker to CNN. “It’s not something you should flippantly exercise in two days.”

Another lawmaker who intends to vote against the Boebert resolution remarked, “It should come through committee and be treated with the seriousness it deserves.”

Meanwhile, Representative Don Bacon informed CNN’s Manu Raju that he believes the impeachment resolution is inappropriate, stating, “It’s not right.”

“I believe in team sports, you should work together, and this is individual, and I believe it is undermining the team,” Bacon said.

He added, “I don’t just worry about the team; it’s about Congress, it’s about our country. Impeachment shouldn’t be something that is frivolous and treated in that way. And it is if you do a privileged motion, and impeachments are so serious. You have to go through the committee.”

Despite criticism from Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who called her a “copycat” for proposing a similar impeachment resolution, several hardline Republicans plan to vote in favor of the impeachment resolution.

Greene reportedly referred to Boebert as “a little bitch” on the House floor, as confirmed by a spokesperson for Greene.

According to CNN, Boebert responded to Greene’s accusation and derogatory comment by saying, “I’m not in middle school.”

Nonetheless, Greene stated her support for the Boebert resolution and revealed her intention to force votes on five other impeachment resolutions. These resolutions target President Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and US Attorney Matthew Graves.

“We need to have this argument here in our conference and get to the same place that our base is, where our Republican voters are, and they’ve had enough. They’ve absolutely had enough,” Greene expressed.

Greene also claimed that Boebert “copied” her impeachment resolution against Biden.

“She basically copied my articles and then introduced them and then changed them to a privileged resolution,” Greene alleged. “So of course, I support them because they’re identical to mine.”

Representative Tim Burchett stated his intention to support Boebert’s resolution, saying, “At this point I am. I’m just gonna do what I think’s right. And back home, the majority of people think that this President is corrupt, and I agree with that.”

Representative Ralph Norman did not indicate whether he would support Boebert’s effort but suggested that it might not be politically advantageous to attempt to remove Biden at this stage. “We’re gonna look at it and see; a lot of people have questions. We’re just in a meeting, and he is the best candidate that can go down to defeat. He’s got a dismal record. He does; he’s tearing the country up. So, we will see.”