In a bid to encourage more employees to embrace hybrid work, Google has unveiled a summer promotion that aims to eliminate the commute for those who need to visit the office. According to CNBC, the tech giant is offering its full-time staff the opportunity to book stays at the Bay View campus’ hotel for just $99 per night until September 30th. The offer is designed to assist employees in transitioning to the hybrid workplace, providing them with the benefits of both office and home without the hassle of long commutes.

While the deal sounds appealing, there is a catch – employees are required to cover the cost of the hotel stays themselves. With an estimated monthly expense of around $3,000, the offer may not present a significant discount compared to renting an apartment. Although the hotel accommodations include full-service amenities, some employees may find it challenging to juggle the costs of living at work while still maintaining a home of their own. Additionally, the promotion is only applicable to Bay View campus workers, leaving employees at the older campus unable to take advantage of the special offer.

Google’s decision to introduce this incentive comes as part of its effort to bring remote workers back to the office. The company began the process in 2022, requiring affected employees to return three days a week. However, some employees raised concerns about the higher living costs associated with in-person work and its potential impact on productivity. Undeterred, Google has taken it a step further by considering office attendance as part of performance evaluations since June.

The situation has escalated, and regulatory actions may be on the horizon. YouTube contractors, who recently voted to unionize, have accused Google and its contracting firm, Cognizant, of exploiting return-to-office policies to suppress labor organization. As a result, they have filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, adding further tension to the company’s ongoing efforts to navigate the transition to hybrid work.