Google has been creating quite the buzz lately, particularly with the unveiling of their upcoming Pixel Fold. And what better way to celebrate the reveal than on May 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars Day. Google took it to Twitter as a teaser, releasing a short video that showcased the Pixel Fold from every angle.

The device is more similar in form factor to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold than the Galaxy Z Flip, resembling a book when unfolded. However, the dimensions of the device are closer to Oppo’s recent foldable or even Microsoft’s now-defunct Surface Duo. Google has been working closely with Samsung to create a version of Android that is tailored to a foldable form factor, and with the trend towards foldable devices increasing, it’s no wonder that the tech giant is jumping on board.

While the design of the Pixel Fold appears in line with the rest of the Pixel device line, the absence of a visible internal camera is notable. The company could be utilizing the fairly sizable bezel to hide the camera or even implementing an under-display camera, which is unlikely. The front-facing screen appears larger as well, although it’s hard to determine whether the screen is truly edge-to-edge due to the dark clock face in the video.

Overall, the Pixel Fold looks quite thin, which is crucial for a foldable device. The video also showcases power and volume buttons on the metal edge of the device, with speaker grilles up top. While the bottom of the device isn’t visible in the video, it’s safe to say that it’s equipped with USB-C.

The company has been laying the groundwork for their entry into the foldable market for a few years now, and it seems that they are ready to take the plunge. While the device’s pricing and release date have yet to be confirmed, there is an official Pixel Fold page where fans can sign up for news and updates.

In addition to the Pixel Fold, Google India has recently confirmed the May 11 release date for the budget 7A, and there is much anticipation surrounding the Pixel Tablet, which was announced at last year’s event. Although surprises are always possible, it seems less and less likely for the Pixel line as the I/O event approaches. We’ll have to wait until May 10th to know for sure what Google has in store for us.