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Good Rx introduced a new internet-accessible medical platform in September called GoodRx Health. This GoodRx expansion is a health and wellness platform that provides medical information and advice to consumers who are unable to visit a doctor in person. GoodRx Health delivers informational videos, prescription savings options, and a question-and-answer section. The Santa Monica based company provides the opportunity for more attainable healthcare to as many people at once as possible. They provide consumers with medical knowledge and savings plans so they can afford the medications they need at a fraction of the cost.

GoodRx Health is different than its competitors in that it supplies more thoroughly researched medical advice to the public than most other internet platforms out there. It does so with a team of highly qualified medical and financial professionals at its disposal. Through the new GoodRx Health website, you can obtain telehealth visits with a licensed medical professional, with or without insurance. This option is especially helpful for someone who doesn’t have access to traditional healthcare, and entrepreneurs of small startups who must pay out of pocket for insurance.

In addition to more cost-efficient medical treatment, four main areas GoodRx Health focuses on are health knowledge, financial guidance, drug FAQ’s, and trustworthy medical research. And because everyone loves options, GoodRx Health furnishes consumers with crucial, cost-saving prescription knowledge that they can use to make more informed decisions about medication options.

One main goal of GoodRx Health is to increase awareness among patients and doctors about available prescription savings programs to ensure consumers are getting the best possible deals on their Ambien medications. Another key focus of the website is their whole-person approach to preventive medicine and health maintenance. From diagnosis to treatment, GoodRx is changing the face of healthcare in the Twenty-First Century.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.