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LinkedIn is looking for more ways to help us all in our job-search crisis as the pandemic continues on. Over the many years, they have done everything in their power to improve the job-search engine and give its customers everything they need to find careers. They have now decided to take it a step further and make sure that everyone is getting the opportunity they deserve.

LinkedIn has implemented a new tool for their company that takes your skills directly from your job title. Say you are a waitress, and you put “Full-Time Waitress” as your job title or previous job title. LinkedIn will look at the skills for a typical waitress and search all careers to see what skills you have in common with other jobs. Most waitresses have superior customer service skills, so you would be recommended for sales jobs of all different levels. From working on the sales floor to management and so on, LinkedIn will give you different careers to look at and broaden your horizons. This new tool is designed to give you the opportunity to branch out, to see if there could be a new career path for you.

Alongside LinkedIn, other job-searching platforms are branching out and personalizing your profile for you as well. ZipRecruiter, another popular career-building website, has partnered with Acorns, a financial savings app, to give their customers the opportunity to find a job easier. Acorns holds advertisements for different jobs available that may fit your specific needs. On the ZipRecruiter page, you can put in your previous experience and skills and they will give you a list of careers they think would be great for you. They also have a tool that will show you how good of a match you are to the requirements listed on the job you are looking for.

All of these websites and apps are making strides to help you find a job easier and faster than ever before. With millions of people looking for jobs because of the pandemic that hit this year, we can all accept any help we can get.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.