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We have a nice treat for you if you enjoy playing with your food.

More than just its distinctive flavor selections, Dylan Lemay’s viral TikTok success Catch ‘N Ice Cream offers something for everyone.

The 25-year-Noho old’s parlor has gained notoriety for hurling ice-cream scoops across the counter right at consumers, but there is a real catch.

Customers are welcomed with the ultimate sweet fete when they purchase one of their unique flavors, which include Fruity Pebbles, Dark Chocolate Strawberry, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, to mention a few.

They are thrown their frozen treat, which they must catch in their cup.

We went a fun step farther since all of our ice cream is in a ball. We’ll let you catch your ice cream, just like the first game you ever played as a child,” Lemay wrote to The Post in an email. Yes, we’ll fling your ice cream your way so you can catch it!

Lemay’s creation, Catch ‘N Ice Cream, was inspired by his time spent working at Cold Stone Creamery, which is where his internet-famous viral cone-making movies first appeared. As his creations became more difficult, the young digital creative gained millions of views and fans. He also started throwing ice cream to his coworkers.

Instead, he may now launch his expertly crafted ice-cream balls towards patrons.

The ice cream shop also offers a Behind the Counter experience, where customers can pay to build, throw, catch, and chop their own ice-cream balls. “We not only let you eat it, but we also let you play with it,” Lemay added.
The candy store has gained popularity on TikTok, the app that first gave Lemay his break, with regular posts of people attempting to catch the cream.

If you do manage to miss your mark, though, there’s no use in crying over spilled milk—or cream, to be more precise—as Catch ‘N Ice Cream won’t charge you for the error.

One video, which received more than 33,000 views, demonstrates how frequently customers literally drop the ball.

While some reviewers bemoaned the squandered sweets, others praised the inventive and immersive shop for include some fun and gave the hot, new destination its seal of approval.
Don’t be upset if your milk or cream is spilt; it’s all part of the enjoyment.
Naturally, the business’s official TikTok page included the successful catches as well, displaying customers’ happy smiles after placing their ice-cream balls in their bowls.

We make all of our ice cream in balls, which makes Catch ‘N Ice Cream unique. According to Lemay, who calls himself the “biggest ice cream-focused digital designer in the world,” this guarantees that every order of our ice cream has the ideal proportion of ice cream to toppings.

So you won’t ever have to worry that our ice cream won’t have enough cookie dough if you adore cookie dough ice cream like I do! Added he.

Lemay made the decision to record videos while working at his last job serving frozen treats at Cold Stone Creamery. More than 15 million people now follow him across platforms, and they frequently tune in to see his confections and cake-making videos.

He started selling ice cream in his own shop, Catch ‘N Ice Cream, at 65 Bleecker St. in July 2022, and is now doing so more than two years later.

He told The Post, “I always wanted to own an ice cream shop since I grew up around ice cream. “I was able to realize that dream after increasing my internet following to over 15 million followers,” the author said.

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