Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, issued a warning on Wednesday as ChatGPT’s popularity soars: unchecked artificial intelligence development might be a threat to humanity’s existence.

During a virtual presence at the World Government Summit in Dubai, the tech tycoon discussed the growth of ChatGPT and other developments and urged governments to establish explicit safety guardrails for AI technologies.

“AI is one of the biggest threats to the survival of civilization. But AI may be both good and bad; it has immense potential and power, but it also carries great risk, according to Elon Musk, who co-founded the OpenAI company that created ChatGPT.

“For example, consider the discovery of nuclear physics. You have both nuclear power generating and nuclear weapons, he said.
Musk’s comments come after detractors questioned ChatGPT’s shortcomings, such as its propensity to show prejudice or spout inaccurate information.
In one case, ChatGPT declined to create a Hunter Biden piece in the New York Post’s tone but agreed when instructed to write in CNN’s tone.
The AI-powered chatbot has received a ton of attention recently due to its capacity to provide excellent humanlike replies to user instructions.

“For example, have a look at how nuclear physics was discovered. You have nuclear weapons as well as nuclear power plants, he continued.
Musk’s comments come after skeptics questioned ChatGPT’s shortcomings, including its potential to exhibit prejudice or spout forth factually false information.
One time, ChatGPT balked at being requested to write a Hunter Biden story in the New York Post’s tone, but it obeyed when told to write in CNN’s style.
Due to its capacity to provide excellent humanlike replies to user instructions, the AI-powered chatbot has received a ton of attention recently.

Musk emphasized during his visit in Dubai that he no longer has a stock in OpenAI and is not active in its management. Along with his erstwhile PayPal colleague Peter Thiel, he claimed to have been an early investor in OpenAI before leaving the board of directors.

“I believe that ChatGPT has demonstrated to people exactly how sophisticated AI has grown. AI has been developed for some time; it just lacked a user interface that was usable by the majority of humans, according to Musk. What ChatGPT has simply done is provide a few years’ worth of AI technology an approachable user interface.
Last month, Microsoft revealed intentions to invest $10 billion in OpenAI, while rival tech giant Google is rushing to create “Bard,” a ChatGPT competitor.

Honestly, I believe that AI safety regulations are necessary, stated Elon Musk, who also established Tesla, SpaceX, and Neurolink. “Consider any technology that poses a potential harm to humans. For example, we have regulatory agencies that regulate the public safety of vehicles like cars and airplanes as well as medical devices. Artificial intelligence should be subject to similar governmental monitoring, in my opinion, as I believe it poses a greater risk to society.

Musk has previously been outspoken about his concerns with AI technology.

He listed “artificial intelligence gone bad” as one of the three greatest risks to humanity in March of last year, along with a declining birth rate and an increase in what he called “religious fundamentalism.”

During the meeting in Dubai, Musk also announced his ambitions for Twitter.

The billionaire stated that “probably by the end of this year,” he will choose a new CEO for Twitter. In October of last year, he paid $44 billion to purchase the social networking site.
Musk stated, “I believe I need to stabilize the firm and simply make sure it’s in a sound financial position. “I’m assuming that finding someone else to oversee the firm would be a smart idea probably by the end of this year.”
Additionally, he posted a picture of his dog perched in front of a workstation in the San Francisco office of Twitter along with the caption, “The new CEO of Twitter is fantastic.”

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