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As the pandemic continues to get worse throughout America, California is doing what it can to provide its citizens with access to COVID resources. Throughout the year, not having enough testing sites seemed to be a problem for California. Millions were getting sick, but not everyone was getting tested.

As the pandemic went on, more and more testing sites became available. Dodger Stadium, one of the largest testing sites in the states, has administered more than one million tests since May. However, it has hung up its testing apron and switched to something I think is even better. 

Since the vaccines are being administered across the country, California has tried to find a way to give their vaccines fast and safe. They decided to make the Dodger Stadium a vaccination distribution center that is hoping to vaccinate 12,000 people a day. L.A. county is reducing its testing capacity as more sites are transitioning from testing to vaccination sites. However, that does not mean that tests will not be administered. Tests are still going to be happening, but it’ll happen at other locations and mobile sites. 

With continuing to distribute the vaccines and a fresh sense of hope in the air, California and our country is looking at a bright, (hopefully) COVID-free future ahead. 

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.