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For Disney Plus users, three years ago was a momentous occasion. It was what they referred to as the family entertainment network. That meant they could watch R-rated movies. As a result, they have been forbidden from signing on to the platform. They could watch hundreds of Kitty movies and television shows, and they did. As of recently, however, Disney has been taking a different route with its content. Last month, the company added three new films to its library, all of which are rated R. Those include Deadpool and Deadpool 2, both of which were acquired by the company from Netflix in 2018. Is Disney plus maturing? This addition appears to be a relief for Marvel fans who have to suffer through another episode of Blue.

Non kid content may be available on Disney Plus now that Hulu has been bundled, but consumers might have chosen to bundle it with Hulu as well. Some individuals are thrilled about this development, while others are rather dismayed. The Parents Television and Media Council, a conservative media watchdog group, has censured Disney Plus for going back on its original promise. Disney Plus, according to the PTC, has “lied to us”. The statement goes on to state that the mere presence of R-rated content in TV M-rated content violates the trust and sensitivities of families, despite parental controls on the app. The same group has lambasted Netflix for years, despite its wide variety of R-rated movies and shows.

Parents television and media council asked attorney general Merrick Garland to investigate Netflix in May, claiming that it, quote, sexualized children and marketed inappropriate material to youngsters. The Emmy-nominated series Sex Education was one of its targets. An open letter to Netflix shareholders asked them to quote “to you, we feel compelled to express our deep disappointment and concern about the direction the company is heading” and to quote “alienate families”. The PTC is still speaking out to anyone who will listen, even though it’s unlikely that the request to garland got anywhere.
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