We all got rocked when Covid-19 numbers started spiking this past month, due to the Delta Variant. The mask mandate came back full force and the media urged us to get the vaccine as soon as possible. So, what did this mean for the businesses who were planning to bring employees back into the office? It meant the Delta Variant was calling the shots for many companies, including Amazon.

One Attempt Blocked

No Entry for employees until January, 2022
No Entry for employees until January, 2022

Amazon is a household name and when they make headlines, we pay attention. The company timeline for re-opening offices was in September, but this is now placed on hold. Back in March the company told employees that all work will resume in office, no more remote work. However, this message was not well received by employees. After listening to the feedback, the company came up with a workable solution for all. In June, it told employees that they would now offer a hybrid working schedule, with three days in office being the baseline.

This date seemed plausible back in March as we saw the data showing a slowdown of Covid cases and the mask mandate was gone. Sadly, we know that date was not honored because of the Delta Variant and the increases of cases. If the date had been honored, the employees would have been required to wear masks while working, unless you were fully vaccinated. They stopped short of a companywide vaccine mandate. All in all, the guidelines seem sufficient to me.

In conclusion, Amazon came up with a new timeline to have employees back in office. January 3rd, 2022 is the new day. Now, I wouldn’t say this date is set in stone because, as we all know, this virus is ever-changing and we can only move on its time, unfortunately. I hope Amazon and other surrounding companies continue to do their part to protect their employees while also bringing back that company collaborative spirit that I’m sure a lot of employees miss from seeing one another face to face instead of on a Zoom call.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.