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An emotional “day in the life” video posted on TikTok by a sacked Google employee went viral after it showed her sadness at being one of the 12,000 employees the tech company let go earlier this week.

Nicole Tsai, a TikTok “vlogger” from Southern California, sobs in the video as she describes “a day in my life getting laid off from Google.”

The 90-second clip, which Tsai uploaded on Sunday and which TikTok users have viewed more than 4.6 million times as of Friday, features Tsai saying, “So I woke up to this really ominous text from my boss and I honestly had no idea what it was going to be about so I called her the minute I woke up and saw this.”

“Hey Nicole, feel free to give me a call,” the text message that she took a screenshot of, stated.

In the video, Tsai claims that her employer instructed her to “check the news and my email.”
Tsai attempted to access her work email and calendar but received the notification, “You don’t have access.”

After saying: “I phoned my supervisor back and we just grieved over the phone because she was also finding out about my layoff for the first time today, too,” Tsai’s clip then shared a picture of her wiping away tears.

The next section of the film displays copies of text messages that Tsai wrote and received to members of her team and other employees of the business who were also informed that they would be losing their jobs.

Tsai’s complaint is similar to one made by laid-off workers who claimed that the decision to terminate someone was “not performance-based,” according to media sources.

When she signed onto LinkedIn, she claims she saw other people who were “in the same boat” as her and had also been let off. She claims it was “not healthy for my mental health” to check into LinkedIn and read about other people getting fired.

Tsai claims, “I just felt so fatigued from being unhappy because I just spent so much of the day sobbing.” She then went to the theme park to “consume my feelings” using her yearly pass to Disneyland.

Tsai describes her binge-eating spree, which included two cinnamon churros, a teriyaki turkey leg, a rice crispy, and a corn dog.

I won’t be filming my experience and posting additional stuff about it, she adds, but I don’t really know what’s next for me.

Tsai had been posting frequent “day in the life” films for Google before getting fired, which have recently become popular among tech workers.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was barraged with inquiries during a tense all-hands meeting earlier this week from worried employees who believed more layoffs were imminent.

As the business navigates the challenging economic landscape that has led other digital companies to reduce staff, Pichai refuted claims that the layoffs were conducted at random and urged his subordinates to remain focused on their duties.

Pichai added, “I understand you are concerned about the future of your job.

Pichai acknowledged that the loss of “several extremely terrific colleagues throughout the firm” was “also quite sad.”
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