The demand of for seeds over the past two growing seasons have spiked significantly due to the pandemic. Gardeners have been looking to expand their gardens, whereas some people have gotten into gardening for the very first time, looking for a new hobby. Keeping bust during these hard times is great, however the issue lies within great minds thinking alike. Buyers for seed companies have not seen such a dramatic spike in seed demand since Y2K. Even then, it was not as drastic as they are seeing now.

The problem is not a lack of seeds. There are plenty of seeds located around the world. The problem is the lack of resources and staffing that seed companies have access to. Buyers have had to get creative in the way they obtain their seeds. Companies have had to bring on more staff to package and distribute seeds. With COVID-19 restrictions, this becomes difficult. Even the seed packing machines that companies have on site are not sorting and packing seeds quick enough. Some seed companies are configuring new warehouses to deal with the demand.

The seed demand is also affecting commercial farmers. The demand has created different produce shortage. Commercial farmers plan their crops around multiple factors. Climate, irrigation, harvest time, and yield are the major ones. This year, they have had to take other factors into consideration. They have not had access to their typical seeds. As a result, they did not know how the seeds were going to perform overall. They essentially had to take a gamble with their product. Many farmers must now make sure they get their annual order in before home gardeners do.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.