Over the years, Apple has worked on improving their products by making them more accessible and easier for children to use. They have created safeguards for parents to check in on their children by using Screen Time, setting up time limits of use, and choosing which apps they can and cannot use. But now Apple has teamed up with Common Sense Media to give their users a kid-friendly podcast feature in the U.S.

Apple wants to make sure that the children using their devices, or their apps, are staying educated and building a healthy relationship with technology. What better way to do that than to give kid’s their very own section? To reduce Screen Time and give them an educational experience, Common Sense Media will provide users with podcasts that are grouped by age and theme. There will be a wide variety of podcasts to choose from with creators like Nickelodeon, Gen-Z Media, Rebel Girls, and Tinkercast.

The idea is that children will spend less time watching TV or playing games on their tablets and spend more time stimulating their minds in a different, more educational way. You could have your child select a podcast to their liking, set aside some of their toys and have them live their best lives away from the screen.

Something cool that Apple will be doing is updating their Kid Podcast website monthly to cover important national and cultural topics like Black History Month or Women’s History Month. While being home all the time because of the pandemic, not only will this give children something new to do, but it will spare the parents the headache of watching CocoMelon for the 100th time.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.