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Outraged Disneyland visitors lambasted the Mouse House for raising admission costs even more, with some creating memes of CEO Bob Chapek as different Hollywood villains such as Dr. Evil, Hannibal Lecter, and the deadly doll from the “Chucky” horror franchise.

Disneyland and nearby California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California, boosted single-day ticket rates by up to 10% on Tuesday. That implies that entrance on “high demand” days such as weekends and holidays will now cost $179 rather than $164. Two-day admissions, which were previously priced at $255, have increased by 12% to $285.

The Los Angeles-area resort — which did not publicize the price changes, instead leaving them for clients to find on the company’s website early Tuesday — also upped the price of premium parking to $50 per day from $45.

In reaction, one user reposted a thread in which Chapek’s visage was pasted onto Kathy Bates’ ax-wielding character in “Misery.” Another depicted Chapek as the Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz,” with the words, “I’ll get you my darling…”
Other photographs showed the CEO dressed as Hannibal Lecter from “The Silence of the Lambs,” The Joker, Dr. Evil, and Dracula, as well as Ivan Drago, the Soviet boxer from “Rocky.”

Disney’s website also announced that the new Genie+ service, which lets consumers to avoid huge lines on some of the most popular attractions, has increased in price from $20 to $25. Disney World in Orlando, Fla., raised the price of its Genie+ pass to $22 from $15, but did not raise ticket costs.

The price increases come a year after Disneyland boosted daily ticket prices by up to 8% and daily parking costs by 20%. It also comes on the heels of a 16% increase in yearly passes just two months ago.

Chapek has intimated on earnings calls that if demand continues to rise, price increases are anticipated. The revelation outraged cash-strapped admirers, who rushed to Twitter to vent.

“Disney, we got it!” You’re going to keep upping your pricing, keeping normal people out. “Perhaps if people stopped giving in and leaving, they’d drop their pricing,” a fan tweeted.

Another admirer posted, “Bob Chapek: Worst CEO EVER.”

“I refuse to buy this… it’s a matter of principle.” “I don’t like the way Disney is taking, and I will continue to demonstrate with my money,” said another.

Chapek has received backlash this year for raising prices at Disneyland and Disney World in the aftermath of the outbreak, which forced the company’s theme parks to close. Fans have also complained about the quality of food, quantity sizes, and general experience at the parks, while Chapek has received $32.5 million in salary, giving him the nickname “Bob Paycheck.”

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