Most businesses in the industry are switching from legacy systems to third-party online B2B marketplaces. Companies that picked up on this trend early, on average got 14% more sales than the last year. Almost every third B2B buyer uses global B2B platforms for around 50% of their total purchases. This industry is still evolving to make global trade faster than it ever was before. If you also want to be a part of this growing industry and maximize your reach, you should consider joining an online B2B portal.

Top 10 B2B Platforms in the World

These are some of the best B2B e-commerce websites that you should consider joining to expand your reach to a greater market.

1. is one of the most trusted B2B marketplaces. It deals in a wide range of product categories and features sellers from all over the world. With the global exposure on, you will always find goods that are in high demand and would sell faster. If you also want to stock up on products that are superior in quality and best in price, this is the perfect marketplace for you.

They have separate pages where they feature buying leads and it has an endless number of buying leads for almost every product. You only need to search for it and you will not get disappointed with it. Once you find relevant buying leads send them your best offer directly to maximize your chances of getting the order. Therefore, it is considered to be a gold mine for sellers.

2. Global Sources

Global Sources is a Hong Kong-based website it was launched back in the year 1995. It plays a crucial role in featuring Asian businesses on a global level. This platform has assisted several companies to grow at a rapid pace and is completely trusted by international traders. Global Sources is a good platform for buyers as they also have verified suppliers. You should also know that they do not take any responsibility for the free sellers on their platform. 

Even though they deal in a wide range of products, their top-selling category is Clothing. It has tough competition among sellers, but the key is to keep updating products as per ongoing market trends. It is free for both buyers and sellers to join. However, sellers would need to get their membership or get the company verified to use it at its full potential.

3. Alibaba

Jack Ma launched Alibaba with his 17 friends. It is ranked among the best B2B websites for exports. Despite being a global wholesale trading marketplace, a major chunk of its sellers is from China. Over the years, it has been a go-to portal for companies to buy bulk goods at the lowest per-unit rates. Their product directory has got millions of products that cover every industry and item you would ever need. Use the search bar to find what you want, and you will always get multiple items to choose from.

Alibaba is a unique platform for suppliers as it gives access to automation and reporting tools. It can help distributors get market insights and reach their potential customers effectively. Numerous sellers also consider Alibaba to be saturated for new sellers, but if you analyze the insights correctly, you will always find some gap that you can fill to get amazing returns. 

4. DHgate

Every B2B marketplace needs a unique selling point and Dhgate differentiates itself by promoting sellers who deal at the lowest volumes. Regardless of your order quantity, you can always go to their website and avail yourself of great deals. In short, it will be a one-stop destination to meet all your sourcing needs. As this platform mainly focuses on assisting small to medium-sized businesses, they also introduce different discount events on which you can save on your sourcing cost. 

DHgate allows businesses to dropship the products on their list. They also have different terms and conditions for it. Many sellers use it to drop ship the goods available here on other platforms like Amazon and eBay at good prices. Therefore, if you are looking to start a dropshipping business, DHgate is the best marketplace for you. 

5. TradeIndia

TradeIndia is a bridge between Indian exporters and importers from all parts of the world. Currently, it has over 10 million registered users who generate more than 120 million inquiries every year. A majority of their sellers are small businesses. Plus, India also has a much lower labor cost than other countries. Thus, you get the opportunity to buy high-quality products at lower MOQs and prices. 

Buyers can join TradeIndia for free, but sellers would need to invest in their membership plans to rank higher on relevant queries. TradeIndia has been in this industry for several years and has a rich history of assisting businesses like yours to get amazing offers. Try posting a buying requirement there to get an idea of what you can expect from it.

6. Thomasnet

Thomasnet is like an endless yellow pages directory of global suppliers and manufacturers. It has a massive network of millions of buyers and sellers from different industries. Although it is a global marketplace, its major share of sellers is from north America. For that reason, most US-based companies start their search for suppliers from Thomasnet to meet a local seller. 

They offer different methods to find relevant sellers and get quotations. You can simply search for what you need and ask exporters for its price or post a request to get instant quotes from numerous quotations customized as per your requirements. 

From the seller’s perspective, they get the chance to expand their products’ reach on a global level. Furthermore, they can also send their offers to the buying leads Thomasnet receives. 

7. ECPlaza

When it is to wholesale trading in the global market, ECPlaza is a highly reputed marketplace that businesses use to meet their trading requirements. They particularly deal in goods related to industrial usage. Their list also includes the top brands whose supplies are known for quality and in high demand. Other than being a great B2B e-commerce website, it is also a trade consulting website. Plus, it also offers several offline services related to global trading to small or new companies.

Sellers can post their products here for free and get unlimited exposure. Other than that, they also send out trade leads through emails. You only need to register your business as a seller and you will start receiving it for free. If you do not find them much helpful, you can unsubscribe at any time. Whose 

8. Europages

In simple words, Europages is a comprehensive directory where global sellers can sell their goods directly to European buyers. Rather than featuring more sellers, its primary focus is to promote companies whose goods are superior in quality. Adding your business products to Europages would expand its reach all over Europe. 

The product titles and descriptions also get translated into 26 languages to ensure your potential customers feel no language barrier in between. Even though it has a smaller buyer base, a majority of them are willing to pay a little extra to get better quality goods. Thus, the trick here would be to focus on your quality and market trends to ace Europages.

9. SeeBiz

SeeBiz provides you with a diverse range of products for sale at wholesale prices. They have been operating in this industry for quite a long time and have built a strong name among global buyers and sellers. They also feature verified suppliers so that you can always place your order here with confidence.

Setting up an online store and listing products can become a headache, but Seebiz stands out by keeping its procedures simple. It will only take a few minutes to list your goods here and reach out to your potential customers faster than ever before.

10. EC21

Many businesses prefer EC21 because of its wide range of goods and buyer-friendly policies. They also have a distinctive category for almost every keyword. You are only a search away from getting exactly what you are looking for. The sellers on EC21 re also quick to respond and can show flexibility on their trading terms.

Among businesses looking to promote their goods in the Asian region, EC21 is considered to be the best option. Unlike most b2b portals, they have quite enough room for new businesses to join and get quality leads.


With the evolving market requirements, joining online B2B portals is no longer a nice to have. In the modern era, most businesses rely on their digital presence for international trading. Therefore, it is crucial to go through all the wholesale marketplaces available and pick the one that your potential customers use the most.