Work anxiety is very common and one of the principal reasons people feel anxious. Dealing with it takes time and effort but it can’t be eased dramatically by following the tips below.

1.         Get Away from your computer for at least one hour

For the majority of us, our work involves sitting down in front of a computer for long hours, barely blinking or moving.  Taking a one-hour break is a helpful way to minimize work-related anxiety. Take the time to walk around like going around the block. If your work environment does not allow this, consider walking around the building. Remember, taking the time to even walk around the office is both a physical and mental outlet.

2.         Try Gentle Stretching

Did you know that gentle stretching helps relieve muscle and nerve tension? It makes a person feel relaxed, which is why; it is a great way to relieve work anxiety. One of the best exercises to do is; moving the head by looking at all corners of a computer screen. How? Well, start by looking at the top right corner, then look at the top left corner, then the bottom left corner, and then the bottom right corner. Remember, only allow the head and neck to move; and do this several times. Perform this gentle exercise slowly, and you should feel immediate tension relief.

3.         The Power Of Communication

Sometimes, work-related anxiety increases when someone fails to communicate or express their feelings verbally. Therefore, to avoid this, it is wise to have a work friend you can talk to.

Note: This does not mean looking for a person you are going to sit down with and begin bitching about work. Doing this has a negative impact, and it does not help both of you.

But Rather, find someone with who you can talk about what is giving you anxiety at work. Speaking something out loud helps in relieving anxiety. For example, assuming that a particular project is giving you anxiety, you should find a friend you can tell and express your feelings about it.

4.         Drink Water

Water has many benefits. We all know that water plays a massive role in improving our overall well-being. However, did you know that drinking water can help in managing work-related anxiety? Yes! What many people do not know is that; drinking a lot of water cures what ails that person.

Note: we are not saying that water is going to magically heal your anxiety or ailments, but it makes a person feel centered, healthier and makes concentrating on a particular task easy.

In a nutshell, if you are feeling anxiety, self-care plays a huge role. As such, it is wise to evaluate what your body needs. For this reason, ask yourself these questions: what did I drink last? When did I eat last? Do I have a headache? What is that making me anxious? First, make sure you are at your best physically, and then your mental best will follow.

What To Do When Anxiety Feels Overwhelming

1.         Breathing

When anxiety feels overwhelming, it is highly important to check your breathing. Often, when a person is feeling anxious, they tend to close their mouth and take rapid short breaths. Doing this will not help, and in fact, it will make you feel overwhelmed. For this reason, if you feel anxious, it is wise to include your mouth for breathing.

How can you achieve this? Well, it is wise to use circular breathing. What is circular breathing? Circular breathing is a breathing technique where a person breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. This technique has been proven, even by experts, as a great way to relax, improve focus, relieve stress, and improves mental awareness.

2.         Make A List

This is a technique where many people today tend to ignore. In fact, others have a perception that it does not work. However, on the contrary, it is one of the oldest tricks in the book.  Therefore, if you feel fearful and overwhelmed, take the step of setting a list for yourself.

By doing this, you will soon realize that managing one task and working towards completing, will give you back the feeling of control. In most cases, control is what many people need to help them manage anxiety, .

3.         Try Some Supplements

There are plenty of things you can take that can help you stop feeling overwhelmed and can really help you feel a lot better when it comes to dealing with anxiety. Some people like to use aromatherapy oils such as lavender, while others will use rescue remedy.

CBD oil is also increasingly prevalent for its anxiety-reducing properties according to Cillian Reynolds of CBD Oil Ireland. There has been a notable increase in the number of people utilizing the properties of cannabidiol to reduce work anxiety in recent years.

4.         Take A 5-minute Meditation Break

This is another technique that has been around for many years now. As such, meditation is a known cure for anxiety, stress, and body control. For this reason, anytime you feel overwhelmed with anxiety and a feeling of fear, leave what you are doing and meditate for 5 minutes to reset yourself.

You do not need the services of a professional guru, to help you manage anxiety. All you have to do is follow and apply these tips. In other words, take a few minutes to relax so that you can refocus on your work. Truly, some of the tricks may not work always, but setting a routine is another form of self-care, which comes with many benefits in the long-run.