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Leonid Yangarber – began working for the founder of an internationally successful, foreign brand company founder, in 1992. Yangarber launched the brand in the USA as its USA CEO; far exceeding sales expectations. Langarber successfully helmed and grew that brand’s USA operations for 11 years, until the extremely compelling draw of entrepreneurship became undeniable for him.

That and his awareness of the great financial rewards, for new brands which succeed in the extremely lucrative USA spirit beverage market. In an interview by INTheMix in 2011, Langarber is quoted as saying, “the American consumer is always open to trying new products and second if you deliver on your promise, they will adopt you into their repertoire and share their findings with friends.”

Having developed his own formulae for success in the spirit beverage business, Yangarber goes on to say,” for us, connecting in a relevant and authentic way with American consumers and building strong wholesaler partnerships, have greatly helped to succeed in this market. We are very proud to share an exceptional vodka product and to deliver what we believe is a portfolio of some of the highest-quality vodka available. We are an intriguing brand, with a unique label and heritage that has been adopted by consumers all around the world.”

This begs the question, what’s next for Leonid Yangarber? He is doing what he does best and has launched two brands, which is one of the owners with some remarkable, highly skilled, and knowledgeable partners.

Had the pleasure of meeting Leonid Yangarber, as he exhibited his fine spirits, at the Indie Spirit Expo Chicago 2022. Now let’s get tight to the stars of this article.

MONFLEURIE Cognac Grand Champagne

MONFLEURIE Cognac in Custom Presentation Case

MONFLEURIE Cognac Grand Champagne – is a truly ultra, ultra-premium spirit beverage, with a truly unique distillation profile. MONFLEUIRE Cognac Grand Champagne Is produced for the true High-End Cognac Aficionado or those indulging in a very rare and or truly special occasion celebration.

These are the truly unique brand attributes which make MONFLEURIE Cognac Grand Champagne so describable as Ultra, Ultra Premium:.

  1. 100% Grande Champagne
  2. 1960 harvest 80%+ of liquid produced by Maison Boinaud, established 1640
  3. 40.6% ABV
  4. Only two barrels made for L’Orchidiee Edition
  5. Crystal Carafe hand-blown in France for top craftsman
  6. Cap + Collar reminiscent of fine jewelry
  7. Comes in a Spectacular Lacquered Wooden Gift Case
  8. There is much more to tell, which I will do in an article, in late November about the brand and its origins.

MONFLEUIRE Cognac in Crystal Decanter with Custom Crystal Snifter

MONFLEURIE Cognac is a culmination of Olga Otrokhova’s fascinating 15 years spent in Paris, France as a young adult, and her passion for celebrating with rare cognac, married to her deep knowledge and passion for luxury goods after being exposed to elite brands as an international fashion model.

Otrokhova traveled the world modeling for some of the world’s most renowned luxury fashion brands. For years, she tasted wines, Champagnes, and Cognac in France, becoming mesmerized particularly with Cognac. While she was familiar with its celebratory quality after having grown up with Cognac at her family table during special occasions, she became intrigued with the art of making the precious liquid and felt a glaring need for a fresh perspective and a truly elevated Cognac brand —leading her to create MONFLEURIE, an entirely different cognac that combines very old precious nectar, with a modern spirit, beautiful craftsmanship, and rich taste and aroma.

Olga spent years seeking to create her dream Cognac. Finally, this dream became possible as Otrokhova collaborated closely with Maison Boinaud, the historic Cognac House located right on the sun-drenched hills of Angeac village in Grande Champagne. True masters of their craft, the Boinaud Family has been passing the tradition of single estate cognac making for 24 generations. Built over the decades, Boinaud safeguards one of the world’s largest Grande Champagne reserves that treasure eaux-de-vie of unparalleled aromas and quality. The precious liquid at the core of MONFLEURIE originated from a distant 1960 harvest. Over the past six decades, this cognac has developed a wonderful, rich, and complex, floral bouquet. It was then blended with hundreds of other oldeaux-de-vie (each at least 42 years old) hand-picked from the Maison Boinaud cellar to create a truly remarkable cognac experience!

MONFLEURIE Cognac Crystal Carafe Artfully Created By St. Louis Cristallerie

The MONFLEURIE Cognac crystal carafe was artfully created by the famed St. Louis Cristallerie, one of the oldest and most renowned crystal houses in Europe that dates back to the 1500s. The carafe design is inspired by Olga’s time spent in the Luxemburg and Versailles Gardens, paired with the artistry of elegantly crafted high-end perfume bottles. The beautiful result mirrors what a trophy might look like, topped with a gold orchid. Each carafe is meticulously hand-blown, individually numbered, and uniquely engraved.

MONFLEURIE Cognac celebrates the finest achievements of French art, the centuries of brilliance and splendor still looking as genius and unparalleled as ever. Captivating, chic, and luxurious, MONFLEURIE Cognac combines the best of Cognac savoir-faire with overwhelmingly rewarding aromatic interpretation in every precious drop.

When you taste MONFLEURIE Cognac, you are embarking on a journey that begins with notes of iris and violets. As the liquid opens further, warm wave dances across the palate, reminiscent of orange confit and crème brulée. The complexity of flavors delivers welcoming hints of cinnamon and baking spices to entice yet another magnificent taste. Sip after sip, the MONFLEURIE Cognac experience evolves into an enchanting crescendo that endures long after the final drop has been enjoyed.

MONFLEURIE Cognac arrives in a series of Limited Editions featuring the rare 1960 liquid in the core. Released every three years, each edition will feature just around 1,000 bottles and will be themed to a flower embodied on the cap and collar. The Launch Edition is dedicated to an Orchid (L’Orchidee in French), the iconic flower symbolizing beauty, endurance, and love. Only two barrels of the very precious liquid were produced for this first edition.

MONFLEURIE Cognac is available across the US via online retailers and can be found in fine spirits and wine retailers in CA, NY, TX, NJ, GA, and FL.  MONFLEURIE Cognac is valued at $3,200 SRP.

MONFLEURIE Cognac is also offering a beautiful “L’art De La Degustation” set with a gorgeous hand-engraved 100ml bottle and pair of tastefully branded crystal glasses valued at $650 SRP.

Coalition Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

An entirely separate spirit beverage endeavor, by Leonid Yangarger and two highly skilled and well-respected industry professionals, is Coalition Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, of which he is “The Architect.

Coalition Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey – is a very limited edition, ultra-premium spirit, finished in distiller-selected barrels, from the finest wine estates in the Bordeaux Region of France. The result is a rich, complex but smooth, great tasting, and enjoyable Whiskey with heritage from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The unusual mash bill of 90%/10% Rye/Malted Rye will please the most demanding high-quality Rye whiskey fans. Sipping Coalition Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey is an adventure + experience. I will cover this fine Coalition Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey spirit, in-depth, in an article in Early November.

Coalition Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey comes in 5 expressions:

  1. Margaux: Violet + Red Fruit: 90.8 Proof
  2. Pauillac: Cassis + Black Pepper: 92.8 Proof
  3. Sauternes: Dried Fruit + Honey: 94.2 Proof
  4. Barrel Proof: 108.8 Proof
  5. Bourbon Cask Strength: 114 Proof (Coming Soon)

The Rise of The Super Premium + Ultra Premium Spirit Brands! It is no secret in today’s spirit beverage marketplace, premium, super-premium, and ultra-premium brands are in demand, like never before, having found their way to the palates of a wide array of consumer types, who prior to the COVID Pandemic Crisis, would not have been viable consumers. This Pandemic Effect is attributed to the quick and significant growth in disposable income, in the hands of consumers, who normally would spend it on well and low-shelf brands in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. So in this Post Pandemic Crisis marketplace, spirit brands are competing in a market where the mindset of the consumer is essential “once you go upscale premium you don’t go back!”

Next for Leonid Yangarber in building the MONFLEURIE Cognac Grand Champagne and Coalition Rye Straight Whiskey brands, is to fully exploit the new reality of the consumer preference for Super + Ultra Premium spirit beverage brands. However, even more importantly fully deploy the decades of he + his partners collective capabilities, expertise, resources, and skills in the Super Premium and Ultra Premium price categories. Yangarber will grow these brands into well-known standard-setting, category leaders, which will be the foundations of both companies which will launch and grow a much sought-after portfolio of superior quality, unique, high-powered spirit beverage brands + products.

Go online,  explore, try and enjoy, to the MONFLEURIE Cognac Grand Champagne,, for very special occasions and Coalition Rye Straight Whiskey,