Every true entrepreneur knows that they are always a student. The world is an ever-changing landscape filled with endless possibilities. So why not take on more lessons to learn things you didn’t think mattered to you and your business?  LinkedIn Learning is offering a plethora of free courses on its platform to continue your independent learning. Likewise, I’ve found a few courses that I thought would be nice additives to your ever-growing portfolio.  

Learn Graphic Design

If you’ve been wanting to touch up or learn the basics of digital design this is your course. The Illustrator 2021 Essential Training Course is led by Adobe Creative Suite Master, Tony Harmer. Here you’ll learn the core concepts and techniques that can be applied to help solidify your brand’s visual identity. In a day in age where a business’s image is important Harmer makes it look easy. Specifically, this course highlights the importance of text editing, working with color, brush effects, and much more for your creative mind.

Understand Digital Marketing

Every entrepreneur should have this course in their arsenal. Since this course span 21 hours, you will be tested on your analytical and tactical skills. You will be homing in on new opportunities for your business as a digital marketing specialist through hands-on training in Google Analytics and Ads. This course highlights curating marketing plans and content strategy in regard to SEO and analytics. You will be going through the best practices and principles of digital marketing in this course. This course will give you a better understanding of how to make your business grow in the online realm.

Become an Efficient Project Manager

Clocking in only at 3 hours, this course led by certified project management professional, Bonnie Biafore. She goes over the basic foundations of project management. These basics include establishing project goals and objectives and building a project plan to managing resources and work, meeting deadlines, and closing the project. In addition, this course talks about what project management is how it allows your business to thrive and have successful endeavors by establishing project goals and objectives. Through determining how organizational structure affections projects you’ll notice a difference in your business’ efficiency and growth.

Solve Business Solutions as an IT Admin

With remote working becoming a new norm and cyber-attacks on the rise there is a demand for IT roles. This course goes over how to utilize remote access tools for various operating systems. Furthermore understanding how to implement the best security practices for remote work is a key component of this course as well. Through exploring these remote access tools, discovering practices that make remote work easier, and learning how to implement the best security practices this course will sharpen your IT tools

Brush Up on Your Sales Skills

After this 50-minute course led by Sales and Leadership Coach, Jeff Bloomfield, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to sell. More importantly, this course will help you understand basic terminology that correlates with the sales process. In other words, this is key to getting a customer to side with your pitch. If you don’t understand the terminology and strategy behind customer relations you’ll lose business. In fact, create connections with clients by developing the right question.

What are some of your favorite LinkedIn Learning courses not mentioned above? Let us know with a comment below!

This article was originally published on GREY Journal.