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No home is complete without a good set of tools. Home-ownership comes with many responsibilities, including maintenance. There are plenty of small tasks that pop up around the house you can take care of without having to pay a specialist. Here is a list of the tools every home should have to prepare for any potential problems.


A good claw hammer always comes in handy. A hammer is helpful in many scenarios, whether you need to hang a photograph, assemble furniture, or pull a pesky nail out of the wall. If you think you may need to do more extensive demolition, you may also want to add a sledgehammer to your collection. But you’ll want at least a small claw hammer and a set of nails to accommodate basic home repairs.


A quality set of screwdrivers and the screws to go with them are another must-have. You’ll want at least one Philips head and one flat head screwdriver, although having multiple sizes may be helpful. You can also opt for an electric screwdriver to complete the project even faster.


Pliers are another essential yet often forgotten tool. Sometimes you need to hold an object firmly in place or bend or pinch metal objects like nails. So, invest in a quality set of pliers – including needle nose, locking pliers, wire strippers, and any other variety you think you may need.

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is another vital addition to any home toolbox. Accurate measurement can be essential in many different situations. Maybe you’re thinking about getting a new couch and want to know how much space you have to use. A measuring tape will help you accurately assess the dimensions of any room or object.


No home toolbox is complete without a reliable set of adjustable wrenches in different sizes. You’ll need them for fastening nuts and bolts, fixing pipes, assembling furniture, and more. It helps to have multiple sizes of wrenches to accommodate different projects – plus, it may also be helpful to have a few Allen wrenches for screws with hexagonal recesses.


A leveler is another vital tool that will make your life much easier. Figuring out how to hang a picture frame, mirror, or work of art on your walls, so they’re perfectly straight can be a hassle without a well-tuned leveler. There are two types of levelers you can choose from – a spirit leveler (or bubble leveler) and a laser leveler. You don’t necessarily need both, but having at least one accurate leveler in your toolbox is essential.


A flashlight isn’t just necessary for home improvement projects; it’s also convenient in many common instances. Whether you experience a power outage or need to explore an unfinished basement or crawl space, a flashlight will give you the illumination you need to handle the task properly. Just keep the pantry stocked with extra batteries just in case it runs out of juice. 


A good cordless drill with various drill bits is another essential addition to your home toolkit. So, if you invest in any power tools, this is your best bet. A quality cordless drill will make your life much easier and allow you to complete your home improvement projects faster and more efficiently. Just keep it charged and have a good case for your drill bits so you don’t accidentally misplace them.

Utility Knife

Sometimes you need something more heavy-duty than scissors to cut a material, in which case a good utility knife will do just the trick. This handy tool will allow you to cut through the carpet, cardboard, tape, and other materials quickly and precisely. So, make sure you add one of these helpful tools to your toolkit. 

Extension Cord

Occasionally, you’ll need to work in remote spaces or outdoor areas where an outlet isn’t immediately accessible. So, in that case, you’ll want to have an extension cord handy to power any lights or electronic tools. It may also be helpful to have a few sizes available to accommodate projects of varying scope.

These are the essential tools every homeowner should have. While you may want to hire a professional to handle more complex projects, these are the bare minimum that you should have in your toolbox.