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American homeowners are projected to spend more on home renovations over the next decade compared to previous years. Service providers are prepared to meet the increased demand for home improvement projects with new and exciting design ideas. Given how quickly trends in home design are shifting, it can be difficult for homeowners to separate short-lived fads from features that add permanent value.

Consider the following design ideas for your new build or home renovation project. These emergent trends are expected to become standard features of American home design in the 2020s and promise to add value to your property in both the short and long term.

Start With a Modern Home Office

The early 2020s saw an unprecedented boom in remote work across all industries. In previous decades, the home workspace was only really necessary to a minority of people. Now, remote work has become so ubiquitous that home buyers expect a dedicated home office space when they are searching for housing options.

If your goal is adding value to your home, you should focus on the infrastructure of your home office, rather than the trimmings. Make sure your home has adequate internet bandwidth and a wireless hub. You should also consider installing a dedicated phone line to your home office to add further value. Finally, make sure your home office has sufficient lighting – natural lighting is best, but a combination of overhead and desk lighting will do the trick.

Convert a Room into a Home Gym

Like home offices, the early 2020’s saw a significant shift away from gym memberships and toward home workout equipment. As a result, many homebuyers now look for features that will allow them to install at-home workout spaces when they are assessing potential properties. Improving the airflow and air conditioning within a space is an excellent first step toward turning a room into an at-home gym. You should also consider investing in quality mirrors and lighting that will give your space a more authentic gym feel.

Add a Guest House to Your Property

Permit requests for ADU plans saw a significant increase in the late 2010s, and the trend appears to be continuing. In the City of Los Angeles, permit requests for guest houses, granny flats, and ADUs went up 2,500% compared to the previous year.

Guest houses can vary in size, but must contain a full bathroom, at least one bedroom, a living area, and a kitchenette. With these features in place, an ADU can have near limitless uses – an in-law suite, short-term rental, or even function as a separate living unit. If you have the space and the budget for it, most municipalities allow for the construction of one ADU and one junior ADU on a single lot.

Consider Artificial Grass

Drought conditions and environmental concerns have made many homeowners in certain parts of the United States reconsider traditional grass lawns. If you are planning any outdoor improvements to your property or have landscaping goals in mind, you should consider installing artificial grass.

Contemporary turf is designed with durability and low maintenance costs in mind. Environmentally conscious home buyers will appreciate the low water use aspect of this improvement.

Redecorate With a Theme in Mind

Home décor can end up being a hodgepodge of styles as your family accumulates art and furniture over years. The result may be a bit jarring for visitors or potential buyers if design styles clash. If you are building a home or planning a remodel, you should consider designing a space with a coherent theme in mind.

One excellent example of an emergent trend in thematic design is the “boho-chic” look. As a minimalist style, you can achieve a boho-chic aesthetic with a few key pieces of décor. If you are remodeling a property in a neighborhood dominated by young families, a boho-chic aesthetic is an easy way to generate appeal amongst millennial and gen-x home buyers.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Another popular home design trend in recent years has been the addition of outdoor kitchen and eating spaces. Homeowners can take advantage of existing outdoor space by adding features that effectively convert yard or patio space into a cooking and dining area. To maximize the value added in your new home build or renovation project, you should focus on the infrastructure needed for your outdoor kitchen.

By installing electrical, gas, and plumbing hookups, you’ll have everything you need to add kitchen hardware and a grill to your outdoor space. You can also consider adding planters or a garden space nearby so that freshly grown produce is ready for whatever meals you have in mind.