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Are you considering buying a new car? Do you want a car with heated seats? Or a car with adaptive cruise control? Maybe you want a car with a heated steering wheel for those cold winter months. I know it can be hard to pick which car best suits you considering all the different features and prices. Well, BMW has great news for you. This German luxury car brand now has a new operating system (OS 7) where you can activate these features down the road.

BMW announced to its customers that instead of taking their cars to get serviced time and time again just to add new features, they can now install these services anytime, anyplace. Once you buy a new car, you will have access to some of the features for a trial period, then have to subscribe later for one to three years. The company says that drivers can add features after purchase through the company’s connected store. They believe that this will be a more convenient way for its customers to customize cars the way they want. Currently, BMW offers some digital services like high beams, an assistant driver, assistance systems, and adaptive suspension features depending on the market. BMW says that if a second owner buys the car, they can also choose to add the available features.

However, this initiative has drawn a lot of criticism. What is on everyone’s mind right now is that BMW will now start charging its customers a subscription for them to access these features. Who’s to say this is something everyone can afford?

Are you willing to pay monthly subscriptions to access extra comfort features for your car? Let us know your views in the comment section.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.