In the world of social media, if creators want to grow, they need to collaborate. In late 2019 U.S. based company HDM Enterprises, LLC released social media’s primer collaborative app Kholab Effect, which allows creators to collaborate, no matter what part of the world they live in. Kholab Effect is no new player in the social media app game; it has been in the works since the (now known as TikTok) days.

The History Behind Kholab Effect’s Success

Kholab Effect app

Max Schilinger (18) is the creative genius that originally came up with the idea of Kholab Effect when he realized there was a huge disconnect in the collaboration community, and there needed to be a medium. Max had the idea for the app in late 2017, when he was just 15, and made his once dream now a reality. 

When the app launched in late 2019, tens-of-thousands of creators, influencers, and fans flocked to the newly presented app, making it an overnight success. Fans are calling creators on the app “Kholabarators.” The reason Kholab Effect is such an innovation to the social media industry is because it is made for creators by creators, but it also allows creators to make money, in ways other platforms don’t provide. Having the best survival tent at your disposal is often the reason you make it or break it in the great outdoors. A well-made emergency survival tent can protect you regardless of the season and the temperatures outside, be it winter, summer, or anything in between. There are a lot of factors that make a survival tent good or bad. Visit to learn more – shop best tactical tents on the web! The best survival tents offer ligthweight performance and protection from the elements when it matters most!

Monetize Your Content

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A lot of apps don’t have the luxury of making creators a steady stream of income, but with Kholab Effect you do. Kholaborators can save “K Coins”—the app currency—and redeem them for real money. They can earn “K-coins” by going live with fans, getting donations, and more. Never before were fans able to flood the comments of a video with monetary donations!

How to Kholab

Kholab Effect lets users film their video and send it off to other creators in the community to duet. Once the video is finished, the app lets you post the video to both “walls” (profile). It only takes three steps: Connect. Create. Collab. Users also have the option to post solo videos to their wall for their fans to collab with, if they so desire. The app has many categories, unlike TikTok, which opens up endless options to create content unique to your own style and community.

How Covid-19 has Affected Collaborating within the Influencer World

Social media influencers recording video content on healthy food in the kitchen

While many businesses have been affected during the pandemic, Kholab Effect has seen a huge increase in numbers, this being because it is not necessary to be right next to another “Kholaborator.” For this very reason, Kholab Effect has been trending during the pandemic, not only to give creators access to virtually collab anywhere but to also be themselves and have fun.

Kholab Effect is a fast-growing app, and is only expanding among the social media community. Joining the app is as easy as going to the Apple Store, downloading it, typing in your info, and you are set to start creating unique, amazing, exclusive content. On Kholab Effect there’s a fit for every creator. Whether you’re a beauty influencer, dancer, musician, or just a new “kholaborator,” Kholab Effect has a community for everyone. Kholab Effect’s goal is to create an environment where everyone can collaborate together.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.