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You might have heard that you can hire an external team after the end of the project to check the quality of the ready solution. Software audit helps to uncover vulnerabilities and mitigate risks, which can lead to software security breaches.

Software audits, whether conducted by an external or in-house team, allow you to make sure that you haven’t missed anything that could negatively influence the functionality of the project.

Why should you have it?

Software audits provide multiple advantages, for example, allow you to make sure that there are no potential vulnerabilities in code that can lead to hacker penetration and data leakage. This is the main reason why leading IT companies conduct software audits regularly.

Usually, large projects contain multiple software integration modules and use external open-source solutions,. It is really hard to keep an eye on all involved components so that none are outdated or defenseless. You must be sure that the whole software system does not lead to any harm or data loss. So, the software audit helps prevent problems ahead of facing them.

Potential improvements

A software audit is an in-depth investigation of your project that helps to improve its quality and make the IT product more reliable.

If you want to get optimal results, we recommend setting the priorities for the auditor team. Based on your wishes, the auditors will work out the plan of inspection and focus on the vital assets. It usually covers operation speed, security,  usability, and general software performance. But it can also include the analysis of a software system architecture, scalability recommendations, and compliance check.

Industry standards

When your in-house team develops their first software project, it’s worth consulting with independent software auditors. The solution has to meet all the legal requirements, violating no rules and regulations. It’s more effective and less time-consuming to ask for help from an external IT company instead of putting your own team through all these formal procedures.

Considering CIO coaching?

Software auditors share their insights about the stability and reliability of the application and guarantee to the stakeholders that it’s done according to the technical specification and all the legislative requirements are fulfilled.

How to be ready for the software audit?

To get the maximum efficiency from the independent software audit, prepare everything on your side.

  • Collect the documentation, and software requirement specification.
  • Complete the list of requirements and set the goals for the software audit.
  • Search for a reliable IT company that has experience and qualification to inspect a software project of a given complexity.
  • Be ready for regular meetings with the auditors to answer the questions and discuss the solutions for the detected threats. 


Software audit is a significant part of the software development process. It helps you be compliant with all the requirements to make a competitive software. Quite often, auditors suggest a more effective way to solve the business task, leading to quicker operation and better scalability of the designed software solution. Software audit is not a one-time thing. It requires regular meetings with the auditor team and continuous hard work on the project. Only in that way can you develop a competitive and profitable project.