This is an honest review of Luminar Ai. If you’re a photographer then you’d be familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. You’d also be familiar with the tedious processes you have to go through for every minor little change you want to make. However, in this innovative and developmental century, technology and software are developing at a higher rate than ever before.

With each passing day, we’re provided with better and better solutions for existing problems; Skylum is one such software company that has developed software similar to Adobe Photoshop, but much better and AI-powered, such as Luminar 4 and Luminar AI. Luminar AI is entirely powered by artificial intelligence. 

Luminar AI is much simpler compared to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. I’d say it is the most advanced version of all existing photo editing software. Artificial intelligence makes it more advanced because it recognizes the object in the image and recommends the templates which are a good fit for the photo.

Luminar AI editing has played a requisite role in saving time whereas a simple sky replacement would take an hour in Adobe Photoshop, in Luminair AI you only have to look for a matching template to the picture. Luminar Ai not only saves time but also saves the effort of doing it manually. Let’s have a look at what makes it so special compared to all other existing photo editing software. Don’t forget to secure your privacy while editing photos by using a VPN iPhone . By utilizing this, you can ensure your photo editing process remains secure and private, safeguarding your personal data from potential threats.

Features of Luminar AI

Luminar Ai

For starters, Luminar AI’s features are much more advanced. If you’ve used Luminar 4 before, then you might not see a difference in appearance at first. However, when you start using, it you’ll notice the changes. As in Adobe Photoshop, sometimes even experts are confused because the tools are just symbols unless the cursor is placed over them. In Luminar AI, it is all clear and understandable. I’ve found some interesting features which I think are useful and time-saving.

Luminar AI Plugins

If you are addicted to Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom and are not willing to leave them, then here’s some great news. Luminar Ai has also introduced its plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. So how will it work? This question is on a lot of people’s minds.

Luminar AI plugin for Photoshop

You can add the plugin by simply downloading the software from its website and finding the option to install. If you want to edit a photo using Luminar AI, you will need to go to “Filters” and find “Skylum Software” at the bottom of the drop-down menu. When you click on Luminar AI, the editing interface will appear.

Templates And AI

I think this feature is the reason that most people are obsessed with Luminar AI. As I discussed earlier, this feature is not only restricted to pre-download templates. You can also make and alter new templates, which can be saved and used for other images. Once you import an image from PC to Luminar AI then AI will do its work and recommend some pre-downloaded templates in which you can choose whatever matches your need. You can also rename the templates to remember them easier.

Luminar AI Tools

You might be wondering why I am talking about this software in such high regard; it is because of its marvelous tools. In Adobe Photoshop, if you are a beginner then you won’t understand how it works, but In Luminar Ai it is pretty simple. You just need to install it and when the interface appears you will automatically understand its functions. So, how do I say it confidently? Now let me tell you about some of its unique tools and you’ll also become a fan.

Atmosphere AI
Atmosphere AI tool of Skylum Software

This tool has a unique function and that is to remove any type of atmospheric effects (haze, fog, mist) from the image which covers the object. In Adobe Photoshop, you would have to apply several masks, filters, and correct the hue and saturation according to the image in order to give it a realistic. But in Luminar AI the atmosphere AI tool gives you all these features with one click. You can also adjust it manually depending on your need.

Skin AI

Skin AI tool of Skylum Software

As the name of this tool suggests, it retouches a person’s skin. For instance, if you have freckles, acne, or scars on your face, then it automatically clears it and gives it a realistic look. In Adobe Photoshop, a spot healing brush is used to retouch skin and clear unwanted marks from it manually, which takes at least 30 minutes for an expert to make it realistic. However, in Luminar AI it only takes a couple of seconds.

Sky AI

Sky AI tool of Skylum Software

If you’ve taken a photo and the sky is not enthralling, then you don’t have to worry anymore. One of Luminar AI’s best features includes sky replacing, which takes only a couple of seconds to fit on your photo. The sky will look so realistic that no one will dare question if it’s edited. The sky can be rotated and even flipped depending on your need. You can also create your own sky and save it as a template. If the image includes water, then it will also reflect the sky and that makes this software more amazing than others.

Augmented Sky AI
Augmented Sky AI tool of Skylum Software

If you are a nature, bird, and space enthusiast, then this tool is for you. If your image includes the sky and you think it is not attractive enough, then with this tool you can add birds, space shuttles, or the moon into the background to make it more adorable and attractive. Even if your photo has an intricate background such as trees or mountains, this tool will not leave you helpless.

Composition AI

Composition AI tool of Skylum Software

This is my favorite tool. Sometimes you take a picture in which everything seems fine, but you don’t like its perspective so you delete the photo. From now on you won’t delete any photo due to perspective problems because this tool enables you to change the perspective of the image. It also helps to crop and adjust its composition. If you don’t like AI’s automatic composition you can also adjust its tune manually.

Enhancer AI
Enhancer AI tool of Skylum Software

The Enhancer AI tool adjusts the saturation, contrast, and exposure of the image. Some photos disappoint you because you haven’t captured the natural darkness, brightness, and exposure. This tool will help you get that natural brightness and exposure of what you expected in your photo. 

Structure AI
Structure AI tool of Skylum Software

This tool enables you to adjust and show more details in your photo. Every photographer wants to have great details in their image, which on many occasions is not captured due to a motion of the camera or any other mistake, so this is the best tool to restore that detail.

Pros And Cons of Luminar AI

We know that nothing in this world is perfect and everything has pros and cons. Similarly, Luminar AI also has pros and cons. As for my user experience, pros are in a great number compared to cons. I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons according to my experience which is given below.

Pros Cons
✔️Plugins for other Photo editing software❗Consume more disk space
✔️Easy access to before and after view❗High system requirements
✔️Great Customer Sevice❗Bounded Export Option
✔️Great User Interface❗No Layers
✔️Time Saving
✔️Easy to use

System Requirements of Luminar AI

              PC Requirements
Minimum ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 or Intel Core i5
OS VersionWindows 10 (64-bit)
Minimum Display Resolution1280×768
Minimum Ram 8 GB
Disk Space10 GB free space
Minimum GraphicsOpenGL 3.3
MacOS Requirements
Minimum ProcessorApple M1 chip or Intel Core i5
OS VersionMacOS 10.13.6
Minimum Display Resolution1280×768
Minimum Ram 8 GB
Disk Space10 GB free space

Luminar AI Review

This is an honest review of Luminar AI. I’m also an expert graphic designer and have personally experienced the difference between all other photo editing software and Luminar AI. I would give it a 4.9 out of 5 rating because of its amazing features. I would recommend that before you buy it watch some YouTube videos on its use and functions to see if it’s what you’re looking for. The most impressive and attractive thing about this software is that everyone, skilled or beginner, can use it and get the same results.

What do you think of Luminar AI? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.