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It’s no secret that YouTube has been a popular app and continues to grow in that popularity. Giving their users a chance to have real relationships with their followers or a chance to share stories worldwide, YouTube has been the constant source for entertainment for most in this current generation. And thing’s just got better for the app.

YouTube has just released new features in their mobile application that make your time on the app much better than before. Releasing something they like to call “Chapters,” YouTube gives their creators the option of putting timestamps on their videos so viewers can watch clips of the video without committing to the whole thing. For instance, if someone put a “how to” video up, they could add timestamps to where the piece of information the viewer needs begins, and the viewer can just skip to that part. Something super cool about this feature is that there is a thumbnail for each timestamp making it super easy for you to navigate. 

YouTube also switched up some things like the auto-play button. Instead of this button being right before the next set of videos, the button is right at the top where closed captions are to make it more accessible for you. They also added a new full screen feature where you can swipe up on the video you are watching and enter full screen mode. To exit, you can swipe down on the video and it will return to the regular viewing mode. 

Alongside all of those awesome features, YouTube is working on getting a bedtime reminder on the mobile app—because we all know that we catch ourselves watching videos until 3am and then wondering how we just brushed past our bedtime. YouTube is trying to make bedtime reminders to make sure that the viewer’s health stays intact while using the app. Because this feature is still in the works, it may not be accessible for everyone who has the app yet, but keep a look out for it.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.