Artificial intelligence doesn’t just cover human-like robots. Everyday, businesses and other huge corporations use artificial intelligence. With this technology, your business can benefit from extra help and resources. Here are the 6 best methods of artificial intelligence you can use to elevate your business.

Customer Service

Entrepreneur interacting with AI customer service robot in store
Entrepreneur interacting with AI customer service robot in store

You’ve likely used customer service while on another business’s website before. Whether you had a question about an order, the return policy, services, or anything else, you might have been assisted by artificial intelligence. Commonly, websites will offer both human based and artificial intelligence services. During late hours when nobody is working, artificial intelligence can help customers until real workers are available to assist them. Automated responses, links to information, and providing numbers to call are usually tasks done by artificial intelligence customer service. This method of customer service is all conducted through AI programming.

Through data, AI assistants can track the frequent questions and inquiries that customers will most likely ask. When sent starting problems customers are facing, artificial intelligence services can direct them to resources that can help solve the issue at hand. Investing in this means customer service can elevate the functioning of your business, leading to more customer satisfaction. You should still hire real people to deal with the more complex problems that artificial intelligence can’t manage.

“It’s easy to achieve better business success with modern technology,” declares Adam Wright, business blogger at Write My X and 1 Day 2 Write.

Cyber Security

Leaving your website unprotected can backfire in many ways. Your information, and any customer information can be leaked during a security breach. Several huge corporations have been victim to security breaches where all parties who entered their information on the site are in trouble. Hackers can sell user data on illegal sites, profiting off of the vulnerability of your website. To help prevent and lower the chances of your business being targeted by hackers with ill intentions, prioritize quality cyber security. This method of artificial intelligence is your best friend. Find a trustworthy company that offers AI cyber security so you can protect your site from harm.


AI programming is able to track all types of data you can use to elevate your marketing approach. Data can let you know what areas you are excelling at, and what areas need work. AI can work on identifying the most popular products or services, which will let you know what things you need to focus on most. Through the analytical data provided by AI technology, modern businesses can understand what their audience enjoys and dislikes. Your company could be doing well with how customers enjoy products, but fail to provide proper product descriptions. Collecting data is essential for marketing reassessment of your business.


Entrepreneur tracking finances using AI
Entrepreneur tracking finances using AI

Managing business finances takes up lots of time and effort for workers. With AI programming, financial management is easier. AI can track errors made, and help reduce errors in the future. Workers who deal with finances in your business won’t have to waste valuable time on tasks that can be completed through the assistance of artificial intelligence. We can say goodbye to the repetitiveness of finance management. Your workers and company will benefit from the extra money related assistance.

“AI technology enhances website user technology for customers,” shares Sam Becker,  technical writer at Origin Writings and Brit Student.

Quicker Experience

Millions of people shop or use online services each day. Without AI, purchasing items online would be a lengthy process. We can shop online in an instant, and cancel purchases right away if we change our mind. Businesses are thriving due to customer satisfaction from fast, accessible transactions. AI tracks all transactions, so nobody in the company has to worry about dealing with purchases unless there is a rare error involved. Thanks to AI machines, purchases go smoothly for both the businesses and consumers.

Automated Emails and Ads

Automated emails and ads are two ways to entice customers to support your business. When customers sign up to your company, they will receive emails when sales or events are taking place, or when new items/services have dropped. Ads related to what consumers want to buy will help your business get out there. Ads are a great way to get new customers to indulge in what you have to offer. AI technology makes advertising your business more effortless than ever before.

It may have slipped your mind, but these simple means of AI technology are widespread and used by most businesses today. This is your sign to implement AI into the operations of your business.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.