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According to a survey, 12% of organizations’ resources go waste due to ineffective project management. To eliminate that wastage, experts recommend PPM software.

Project portfolio management (PPM) software allows organizations to centrally manage and track all of their project data in one place. This can include project schedules, costs, risks, and resource utilization. As a result, PPM software can help organizations better plan, execute, and track their projects, leading to improved project outcomes.

There are several different PPM software solutions on the market, and choosing the right one for your organization can be challenging. To help you make the best decision for your organization, we have compiled a list of the best PPM software solutions for 2022. 


PMO365, a project portfolio management software, was developed to allow businesses to gain insight into many projects that are part of Microsoft PPM software. It allows professionals to monitor the progress of projects, set objectives for strategic planning, produce customized reports, and create and maintain standards for business and processes through a single platform.

PMO365 lets managers provide training for team members, monitor their performance, and help automate workflow. It allows managers to publish real-time portfolio reports on projects’ health values and results with external and internal users. Employees can use the integrated cost management software to manage cost estimation procedures, allocate budgets, and develop risk-management strategies. It also lets users plan projects and manages the project’s governance.

PMO365 allows integration with various third-party applications, including Jira, Salesforce, Slack, etc. Other options include forecasting changes, management collaboration, an activity dashboard, milestone tracking, and collection data, report writing, and project planning.

Microsoft Projects

Microsoft Projects helps organizations plan and work on projects from anywhere by using tools like the assignment of tasks, due date tracking and scheduling, dependency configuration, business intelligence integration, and many more. It helps users simplify projects, portfolio management, and resources by integrating software for planning and tracking projects. It’s a flexible tool for managing project portfolios and everyday tasks and is accessible through Office 365.

Microsoft Project allows users to manage projects with tools like pre-built templates and standard scheduling tools, and accessible across different devices to ensure that team leaders and project managers remain efficient. 

Users will be able to understand how resources are utilized by using tools for managing resources like visual heat maps of resource use and capacity, as well as powerful resource analytics. With the help of simple tasks and time management, teams can update their tasks from any location, allowing for more executive oversight and facilitation of collaboration across the globe. In addition, the Microsoft Project platform lets teams use different methods, such as Waterfall and Agile, according to their demands and workflows.


Proggio is an application for managing portfolios and project tools designed to give you the transparency and control you need to execute flawlessly for strategic alignment efficiently.

Find the entire range of your portfolio in one glance, alerts, and signals. You’ll always be informed so that you can make informed decisions.

Unlimited users on each plan and user-friendly and intuitive tools and views ensure that the plan’s adoption is seamless across the entire company.

Acuity PPM

Acuity PPM is a portfolio management solution that is cloud-based and developed to help senior executives manage their investment strategies. Acuity PPM can help you manage the flow of work, plan the resources you need, prioritize projects and track project performance with actionable analytic tools.

Acuity PPM offers organizations an all-in-one point of reference for accessing critical projects and creating performance reports. Managers can monitor and assess future projects using various risk assessment tools, including customized scoring models, bubble charts of risk value, and a portfolio risk gauge. In addition, the user can track the developments of their projects about company goals or objectives and highlight critical milestones with coloring functions.

Acuity PPM allows businesses to produce project status reports with details such as a project summary, issues, identified risks, objectives, achievements, and more. It also assists users in developing proposals for projects that contain details, including the name, date of creation, description, category, priority, and strategic objectives.


You should consider using project portfolio management (PPM) software to manage your projects more effectively. PPM software helps you track and monitor the progress of all your projects and keep track of deadlines and costs. With the right tool in your arsenal, you’ll be able to stay on top of everything and ensure that all your projects reach their respective goals.