Due to last year’s stay-at-home policy, technology developers worked hard to make virtual school and work life easier. Entrepreneurs developed ways to make organization and virtual socializing more accessible. Mobile app development and downloads dramatically increased in 2020. The most commonly downloaded apps were TikTok, Zoom, and Among Us. Now, we have all sorts of apps and websites with which we can stay connected to our peers. Anyway, educator and entrepreneur Marissa Keim realized that teachers needed an app to get through virtual classes. Teachers rely on one another. Therefore, feeling isolated was a challenge for last year’s teachers. Thankfully, Keim came to the rescue and curated Apple Pie, an app for teachers.

Apple Pie, The Teachers’ App

An educational entrepreneur formulates an idea
An educational entrepreneur formulates an idea

An entrepreneur and 5th grade teacher from Texas, Marissa Keim, found herself in a pickle when schools closed. She and others had to find a new way to teach, grade, plan lessons, and set up their teaching space at home rather than a classroom. And where was the teacher’s lounge?

The lounge is important for teachers to connect and share ideas, discuss student learning, etc. They can’t just Google the solution to their education problems. Teachers go to other teachers for guidance. Just like how it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team of teachers to educate! But, those teachers need to be in high spirits and backed by all the resources they need. So, Keim found the perfect solution: an app called Apple Pie. She started her project in the summer of 2020. When she wasn’t teaching or prepping for the upcoming school year, she was busy working on the app. After a year of development, testings, idea drafts, and research, she was finally able to launch Apple Pie in June 2021. This is what she has to say about her creation:

“As a teacher, I wanted a way to connect with other teachers on a platform that was solely for educators. Since many schools have moved to remote teaching, the exchange of advice, ideas, and just venting has become increasingly important with the educator community.”

– Marissa Keim, Founder of Apple Pi app

How The App Works

Apple Pie app
Apple Pie app

In short, it’s a virtual teachers’ lounge in the form of social media. There’s the home page, profile, “Saved”, and “Search”. Much like with Twitter, you can search for anything, but Apple Pie makes it even easier. You can search by grade, subject, and area; look up similar teachers and connect with them; or search for forums to find answers and ideas. Teachers can also run blogs and connect their TeachersPayTeachers page. Any instructor-related content is welcome on the platform. So, posts can range from discussing the day’s lessons, to asking for help, to using it as an educator’s version of Pinterest. Or possibly, once it takes off enough, it could also serve as a teachers-only LinkedIn.

As of now, the app mostly resembles Facebook, but the profile layout is similar to Instagram. The purpose of this app is for teachers to help and support each other and expand their network outside of their district. But she wants everyone to have fun on the app as well; members don’t have to act professionally 100% of the time on the app.

Apps and Entrepreneurship

With athletes getting paid more than teachers and the increasing amount of stress, being an educator is hard. Apple Pie is the perfect app for teachers to turn to for advice. No matter what field you’re in, there’s an entrepreneur in all of us. Think about apps and other ways you can help your field feel more connected and supported, especially since a lot of fields now allow work-from-home options. Perhaps those fields could use their own version of the Apple Pie app. As an entrepreneur, there’s more to think about than products to purchase. There are also ideas to develop and maybe turn into an app! This is also a reminder that networking is important, no matter what field you’re in. It would be nice to have more professional networking platforms, like LinkedIn and Apple Pie.

Seriously, if you have any friends in the education department, let them know about Apple Pie. They’ll thank you for it! And we thank you for reading about Apple Pie, an app for teachers, by teachers.

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This article is originally published on GREY Journal.