There are many benefits to renting stainless steel IBC (intermediate bulk container) totes instead of investing huge capital in them. Here are some of the issues that renting can address:

  • – Variances during production
  • – insufficient capital during budget setting
  • – not able to accommodate special orders
  • – Inefficient use of money and space from totes not used

A well-run program for IBC tote rentals is a cost-efficient way of avoiding the high initial capital investment required with purchases of high-grade IBC containers according to industry experts Verde Trader. In addition, IBC tote rentals offer a simplified and efficient solution. The rental containers arrive in a matter of days instead of weeks. Stainless steel IBC tote rentals offer a myriad of advantages for your business. Here are six benefits that IBC tote rentals can offer:

Save Money

There is no requirement of investing a large amount of limited capital. The rental program offers low monthly fees, and there is no need for a down payment. Your cash flow can be used in other ways to grow your business.

Get Results Right Away

No need to wait until capital is available. Stainless steel IBC rentals are available right away, enabling you to use them in your business without delay.

No More Wasted Assets

With IBC tote rentals, you only use what you need and return the ones when you no longer need them. There are no unused totes occupying your space.

Always Get The Latest Equipment

Purchasing your own stainless steel IBC totes can result in your commitment to owning obsolete equipment over the long term. However, rentals enable you to rent the most advanced equipment available at that time. You will no longer get stuck with old equipment that is outdated.

More Flexibility In Your Budget

Renting high-grade intermediate bulk container totes will lower your operating expenses for the short and long term. Because the rental program is easy to implement, the cost-savings and efficiency will boost your productivity.

Tax Savings

Assets that are purchased can be depreciated, but the operating expenditures that come with stainless steel IBC rentals can result in bigger tax savings compared to depreciation.