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Entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people on the planet. Between emails, social media accounts, finances, and somehow managing to stay organized, the tasks can become overwhelming. These apps will assist you with your everyday tasks and potentially make your life a bit easier:


Evernote app for Gmail

What happens when you’re out with friends, and you suddenly become inspired but have nowhere to jot down the fleeting idea? Evernote is a mobile app where you can take notes and share your ideas with others. Expect to gather information faster and manage tasks and deadlines. You can also save files and emails.


Pocket app display on smartphone
Pocket app display on smartphone

If you come across articles or videos that you want to view at a later date, this app allows you to do so, even offline. The next time you come across an inspirational story, you’ll no longer have to experience forgetting where you saw it and losing sight of it forever.


Trello app quick overview

Are you looking for stress-free project planning and management? This app is all about collaborating and helping you manage your projects with lists and boards. You can view who is working on the project, the status of them, and all the projects that are in progress. It offers an interactive platform where you can work with your partners and receive information at the moment.


Dropbox app new introduction

This app manages your essential files. You can access them wherever you are, comment on them, and use the doc scanner feature. Create, view, and edit documents anytime (even offline) and share them with people even if they do not have a Dropbox account. It also allows you to collaborate with your teammates and reduces the stress you may feel about potential hackers and data theft.


Flock app introduction

Are you a remote worker? If so, this app will organize your conversations, offer video conferencing, and enable you to share files within conversations and add guests to specific chats. If you want to add specific clients in a conversation without giving them access to the rest of them, you can do so. It even organizes your apps and productivity tools.


Freedcamp app version 4 beta

The best way to keep a to-do list is with this app. Freedcamp offers unlimited task and project management and allows you to work virtually with multiple team members. You can download it on your phone or desktop.


Wunderlist app for iPhone

This app will sync all of your devices, which makes it easier to share your worklists and keep up with your projects. You can also set reminders for your upcoming deadlines and add images and other content to your lists. Aside from work, you can add other details, such as your next vacation plan. Regardless of where you are or what you are doing, you can access your list of tasks.

Mint app personal finance tutorial

As an entrepreneur, you must manage your finances and create a budget. This free app is a way for you to manage your money and track your finances. Your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments will be brought together so you can see what you’re spending, stay on top of your bills, and keep track of your credit score.

Toggl app time tracking basics tutorial

Do you have to keep tabs on how much time you spend working on projects? If so, this is an app for you. It will tell you how long you take working on projects from the minute you start to when you stop, breaks included. All it takes is two easy clicks.


Buffer app social media analytics and reporting tool

Your business likely has multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This app allows you to manage all of your social media accounts at once. You can schedule your posts and manage all of your accounts from one app. Additionally, it will promote your business and potentially bring you, new clients.


Accompany app display on smartphone
Accompany app display on smartphone

Stay connected to your clients and customers with this relationship management app. You can receive feedback and respond as quickly as you choose to. It also encourages faster growth and allows you to stay in contact with all departments of your company.


With this app, you can sketch out ideas and view them on screen. It allows you to use your phone to scan the pages of the notebook. You can also share the images with your teammates on Asana or Dropbox.

What are your favorite productivity apps for entrepreneurs? Let us know in the comments!

This article originally published on GREY Journal.