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It is not a surprise that restaurants have taken a major hit since March 2020 due to the pandemic. While the summer and fall months were able to keep them on life support; in many cases, this was not enough to fully revive them.

Restaurants in major cities are preparing for shutdowns across the board as the weather gets colder. To combat the pandemic, restaurants have been allowing for just 20-50% capacity indoors. As winter approaches, it is doubtful the majority of customers will want to spend money eating and drinking in the cold. On top of dealing with the non-ideal weather, restaurants must face paying for rent. Cost of rent in major cities on prime real estate is not cheap. Paying this costly fee while cutting back on the amount of customers served is not feasible. Even with takeout orders higher and outdoor seating being popular, restaurants’ pockets are hurting. More and more owners are deciding to cut their losses and close down business completely rather than making minimum profits.

All hope should not be lost for restaurateurs and their customers. Many owners are looking to reinvent themselves in the months, and probable years, to come. Expanding on outdoor seating, restaurant goers will see an influx of pods and tents appear, quite possibly at their favorite bar. Interestingly, pop-up versions of your favorite pubs might become more popular. Instead of having to pay rent long term, restauranteurs will be able to minimally pay rent and make a larger profit. Additionally, food trucks are what many owners are considering trying. These options, of course, are short term solutions. Restaurants may look into a lower rent location for a new, more permanent place of business.

While it might seem impractical that people would even consider still going out to eat and drink in these coming months, it is not an impossibility. American culture is rooted in wanting to dine out and eat food that they didn’t need to prepare for themselves. It is how a huge percentage of people relax and treat themselves. In a time where everything seems so uncertain, it is possible people may desire to grab a bite in 20 degree weather while warming up with an Irish coffee…or five.

Will you still be eating out at restaurants as winter approaches? Let us know in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.

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