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Many years ago, there were only a few select jobs. Thankfully, today we can do anything we want to do, and there are so many jobs we don’t even know them all. Yet, the majority still gravitate towards office-type jobs or whatever pays the bills. This stems from concerns over job security or insecurity about pursuing a true passion. Running your own business and doing what you truly love takes a great deal of courage, patience, and self-discipline. As small as they may be, unique and unusual businesses have a place in society. After all, we need a variety of businesses for our diverse culture. Here’s what it’s like to run an unordinary business.

Unique and Unusual Business Practice

A sign that says "Thank you for shopping local".
A sign that says “Thank you for shopping local”.

Small businesses compromise 99% of the United States’ workforce. Family businesses, freelancers, and the vendors at the local farmers’ market have a mutually beneficial relationship with their community. Unique businesses that may not be the norm either locally, nationally, or globally may not make that much of an impact. But, they are important. These special businesses offer ideas, products, and services that would otherwise not cross the community’s mind. From there, others are invited to explore different products and services. They can also be trendsetters: remember Silly Bandz? Unique businesses make life more fun! Also, customers can feel relieved when they find a business that can cater to their specific style. It can be frustrating when looking for cool vintage band shirts, only to find the usual Nirvana/Kiss/Rolling Stones shirt around. Etsy is a perfect example. People on Etsy can connect with others that share their unique style. If you’re thinking about starting an alternative style store, believe us: there is an audience out there for you waiting for your products.

What It’s Like Running a Unique Business

Starting, growing, and managing a small, unique business can be inspiring yet challenging. Bondi Cutrer, who founded The Energy Tree in 2015, was ecstatic and nervous to pursue her calling to be an energy medicine practitioner. However, she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Bondi worked in the medical field for most of her adult life. She has been a licensed nurse since the mid-2000s. But, after some time, she realized she disagreed with modern medical practice. Having always been interested in energy medicine, she took the leap in 2013 and signed up for classes. After 7 years and several classes, she became an official, licensed energy medicine practitioner. She founded The Energy Tree while she was in training and now that she’s graduated, she hopes to use her knowledge and expertise to change peoples’ lives for the better. Now, she offers mental wellness classes, energy medicine sessions to clear the mind and soul, and everything you need for an energy cleanse. Here’s what she has to say about running her off-the-wall business.

“It’s fun as I see people receive/experience massive positive shifts in little spans of time. Although, it can be challenging as people come in for sessions with the mindset of being treated as a physician or a witch would. Most expect one or two sessions along with some crystals and oils used should do the trick for them.”

Bondi Cutrer, The Energy Tree

Support Small/Unique Business

A sign that says "Come in, We're Awesome".
A sign that says “Come in, We’re Awesome”.

Unique and unusual businesses have a small but important place in society. They diversify culture, and reach out to those who get left in the shadows. It also embraces and normalizes individuality. With today’s open-minded society, any career is fair game as long as it follows the law and is harmless. We encourage you to do some digging around and discover unique businesses in your own area. You’ll learn something new. Or, as with Bondi’s customers, discover an essential item/service you didn’t know you needed. Just like with any small business, they need all the boosts they can get! Or, if you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, but are unsure if everyone will be on board, just remember that even the most normalized businesses don’t attract everyone. We need diversity in business: that what makes communities unique!

Thank you, Bondi Cutrer, founder of The Energy Tree, for sharing your insight with us! Her services are life-changing.

Feel free to share any unique and unusual businesses with us in the comments! We’d love to learn more and discover new things.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.