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We are looking to the future of innovation. Activists around the world are sending out a call to action to step up and help our world. Here are a few teenagers stepping up to answer that call with entrepreneurial spirit. 

Shreya Joshi – Project Teal

Shreya Joshi | Photo from

Shreya Joshi was always interested in education and legislative advocacy. This is why she was shocked to learn about how few high schoolers in the United States understood how government worked. That is what inspired her to create her civic engagement work series, Project Teal, meant to increase youth participation in government and educate them on education and legislative advocacy. Her goal is to encourage more students to get involved in government, so they can have a positive impact on the world. 

Nrithi Subramanian – Mantra & Co

Nrithi Subramanian | Photo from Instagram

Nrithi founded Mantra & Co as a teen and is a young entrepreneur changing the world one product at a time. Mantra & Co is a jewelry and accessories company, and the company’s goal is to empower others. It offers a variety of products including, but not limited to necklaces, bracelets, and tote bags. Also, her company donates its net proceeds to various charities and organizations and is 100% female-led. Furthermore, the young teen entrepreneur used her knowledge to write an article about tips for teen entrepreneurs.

Trey Brown – Spergo

Trey Brown | Photo from Instagram

Trey Brown is a young designer & entrepreneur from Philadelphia, PA who created Spergo. Spergo is a clothing brand meant to empower, and Brown designed it in order to give back to his community. He began designing and developing Spergo after buying and selling 16 t-shirts. After Brown did this, he saw the potential for a business; since then he has expanded his business into tee shirt designs, track pants, hoodies, and a variety of other products.  Additionally, Brown wrote a book about his “entrepreneurial keys to success” to help inspire others. As Trey gets older, he hopes to expand his business internationally and continue to mentor his fellow young people.

Maya Copeland – Mindfulness Maya

Maya Copeland | Photo from

Maya Copeland is a young teen from Atlanta who created the Mindfulness Maya books and brand. Inspired by her own journey of using meditation and mindfulness, she decided to share her methods with the world using her Mindfulness Maya books. These books educate young children on different ways to use meditation and mindfulness for self-care because Copeland wanted to help other children like herself. Copeland created the Mindfulness Maya brand with the help of her family, releases books as well as YouTube videos to help young children cope with anxiety and/or daily stress, and you can check out her Instagram or website.

Daisy Hampton – Including You

Daisy Hampton | Photo from Instagram

Daisy Hampton is a young teen based in NY who is helping other children around the world in their educational journey. Her organization Including You connects students with volunteers who can teach them a new skill, help them with work, or just chat. Daisy says her goal is to provide friendship and learning for any student who needs it, so they have access to the resources they need to succeed. Also, Including You will provide technology to students if they don’t have access to any to make sure every student can succeed. In 2021, Daisy was the recipient of the Diana Award for her work helping children across the country.

Alina Morse – Zolli Candy

Alina Morse | Photo from Instagram

Alina Morse is the young founder of Zolli Candy, a sugar-free candy empire. As a child, Alina wanted to eat candy, but her parents wouldn’t let her because it would rot her teeth. Hence began her quest to create a sugar-free candy that children could eat without risking it causing cavities. Along with the help of her family, Alina created the company Zolli Candy, which offers a variety of sugar-free treats for children and grown-ups alike. As of now, the company offers many different types of candies and is carried in lots of name-brand stores.

Lino Marrero – Kinetic Kickz

Lino Marrero | Photo from

Lino Marrero is the teenage inventor of Kinetic Kickz, shoes that turn kinetic energy into power for your phone. Lino Marrero was thinking of a new way to charge his phone, especially when there’s a storm or power outage. That’s when he developed Kinetic Kickz, the shoes that convert the energy you generate walking into energy to charge your phone. And that’s not all, the young inventor has as he puts it a “notebook full of inventions”, and seems like he’ll be inventing even more new technology in the future. Marrero’s use of kinetic energy also shows another form of clean, renewable energy being used in everyday life.

Gabby Goodwin – GaBBY Bows

Gabby Goodwin | Photo from Instagram

Gabby Goodwin is a young entrepreneur who at the age of 7 found she kept losing her hair bows. Goodwin was inspired to create hair bows that wouldn’t get lost or fall out in order to help other little girls. The idea for Gabby Bows was born and with the help of her family, Goodwin developed the first double-face double snap barrette. Currently, Goodwin’s company Gabby Bows has expanded to wash & style products, lifestyle goods, and a mentorship program. Gabby’s Bows currently has a retail store and a girl’s hair salon, and will probably continue to grow.

Gitanjali Rao – A Young Innovator’s Guide to STEM

Gitanjali Rao | Photo from Instagram

Gitanjali Rao is an inventor who uses her talents to help affect change in the world. She has developed multiple devices to help people including a patent-pending device to detect lead in water. She also created an anti-bullying service to help cut down on bullying among youth. Additionally, Rao wrote a Young Innovator’s Guide to STEM, a book dedicated to explaining how to invent and participate in STEM as a youth. Rao’s goal is to “create global change by starting an innovation movement of teens looking to make a difference”.

Jack Kim – Benelab

Jack Kim | Photo from Marketing91

Jack Kim is a social entrepreneur who used his web skills to create Benelab. Originally, Jack started out creating websites in 9th grade. As he grew Jack moved on to Benelab a search engine he created that donates its ad revenue to charity. His search engine made it a lot easier for people to give back. In fact, that was part of Kim’s reasoning behind his idea, to make philanthropy more accessible to the people.  As Kim prepares to graduate, he hopes to donate even more to charity using Benelab. This type of social entrepreneurship shows how technology is becoming an invaluable resource for social change.

These young entrepreneurs highlight how we should be listening to our youth when thinking about our future, and how technology will begin to play a larger part in society as we continue to evolve. Know of some other awesome teen entrepreneurs changing the world? Tell us about them in the comments.