Startups are unmatched in their role as disruptors, and providers of innovative, progressive development that drives much-needed change. The out-of-box ideas generated by these forward-thinking ground floor companies help motivate and inspire all of us to strive just a bit harder to come up with the next great solution or work to improve society and make just a little bit better for all of us.

We have scoured the current startup environment to find the most recent, and most promising up-and-coming early-stage startups poised to create real-world value and true change within their respective industries, and the greater marketplace. 

Check out our top ten picks below, and be on the lookout for these newcomers to shake up the market in 2023.

10. Impact Food

Location: San Francisco, California

San Francisco-based, Impact Foods, is bringing together the nourishing power of plants, and the latest innovations in biotechnology to craft a nutrient-dense, palate-pleasing, and sustainable plant-based seafood. 

Impact Foods is female-owned, operated, and dedicated to driving the development of sustainable, conscientious, and caring plant-based seafood alternatives. Their progressive ideals, rooted firmly in science, are sure to gain momentum in the growing movement to ensure that the earth is able to support diverse life for generations to come. 

9. Wega Labs

Location:Wilmington, Delaware

Wega Labs is a Web3 gaming studio that focuses its talents on the development of web3 games with a strong emphasis on gameplay and utility. Cricinshots, Wega Labs’ first official game release, offers a unique, futuristic cricket strategy game that challenges players to cultivate an intergalactic team, and participate in league play to defeat opponents. 

The video game industry offers seemingly infinite growth potential to those who are willing to think outside the proverbial box. Wega Labs’ creative transportation of an uber-popular traditional sports favorite into a futuristic world up the competitive anty and piques player interest across a number of sports genres making them a video game developer to watch. 

8. Return

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Return manufactures AI-powered B2B software dedicated to improving sales and marketing management for the enterprise industry. The Return platform offers enterprise businesses a user-friendly dashboard where they can easily gauge the return on investment for their various sales and marketing campaign efforts.

Sales and marketing are one of the largest expenses that business owners face and are crucial to the growth, and continued success of a business. Return offers a useful tool that allows business owners, and marketing teams to see at a glance the impact of their marketing campaigns, enabling them to pivot as needed to reap the greatest bang for their marketing buck. Return offers a highly relevant tool that provides a tangible financial value to the business community making it a solid bet to grow well into the future.

7. Tangibly

Location: Seattle, Washington

Seattle-based Tangibly is an information management platform designed to aid business owners in securing their intellectual property and trade secret rights in a legally enforceable format.

With the ever-increasing prevalence of corporate warfare, cyberattacks, pirating, and other forms of intellectual property pilfering activity Tangibly offer business owners a user-friendly way to secure their company trade secrets in a way that is recognized by the regulatory bodies charged with enforcing intellectual property rights. The service that Tangibly offers is both timely, and useful setting it up to perform well in the future.

6. Perform

Location: San Francisco, California

Perform is an app-based interactive running coach powered by artificial intelligence and real-world professional coaching. Perform uses the latest technology to provide an interactive, personalized running program to help users from couch potatoes to professional athletes reach their unique fitness goals.

Perform offers an easy-to-use, multilayered approach to fitness motivation that provides the 24/7 availability and function of AI, with the personal support and encouragement of a professional running coach. This unique combination of the best of technology, and the best of the personal human element makes Perform a solid contender in the field of fitness apps.

5. Green Places

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, NC-based, Green Places offers a unique slate of services focused on helping small business owners meet their sustainability requirements. Green Places helps business owners calculate their carbon footprint, and provides opportunities for small businesses to combine their resources to purchase carbon credits.

Small businesses often struggle to meet current sustainability requirements. Green Places fills a significant role in helping small businesses meet these mandated requirements by pooling their limited resources with other small businesses to maximize impact. Green Spaces also works to communicate the business carbon-reduction efforts, and sustainability practices to both internal and external stakeholders helping the business receive all of the credit due for their efforts.

4. Linguix

Location: Miami, Florida

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Linguix offers an AI-based writing assistant program designed to identify, and correct common English spelling and grammar errors in hand-typed texts across the web. The Linguix browser extension has the unique ability to identify and correct errors in text entry forms on a broad range of web-based platforms including Gmail, Asana, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

Linguix is more than just another AI-based writing assistant. The Linguix extensions’ unique ability to identify, and correct common English spelling and grammar errors in real-time across a wide range of websites and social media platforms provide real-world value to busy web users who don’t have the time, or motivation to pull out a dictionary for every web entry, email, or post that they make.  As more and more communication now takes place online, Linguix is the perfect tool to ease the way into this new world.

3. Parallel Health

Location: San Francisco, California

San Francisco-based, Parallel Health is a new breed of skincare company taking skincare customization to a whole new level. Parallel Health is revolutionizing the skincare industry with targeted skincare solutions utilizing unique microbial formulations.

Parallel Health uses best-in-class personalized testing to provide deep insights into each individual’s unique skin concerns. The company is dedicated to crafting individualized, science-backed skincare solutions that work with each client’s unique biology to support the skin, and relieve the symptoms of common skin issues such as acne, rosacea, and more. Parallel Health’s science-based, hyper-personalized approach to skin care is bound to generate a great deal of interest in the beauty and health industry.

2. Mobilyze

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Mobilyze is an EV charging station/mobility startup headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded by MIT graduates, Mobilyze aims to facilitate the continued advancement of the emerging electric vehicle market by providing an easy and affordable way for business owners to install and use the electric vehicle charging stations and infrastructure needed to support EV adoption.

Mobilyze makes use of advanced AI-based technology to help business owners deploy electrical vehicle charging stations in a more efficient, and cost-effective manner. Mobilyze achieves this goal by purchasing the required electrical vehicle charging equipment and leasing it to business owners for a low monthly cost. By underwriting much of the cost of electric vehicle charging equipment deployment, Mobilyze is helping to reduce the associated risks of EV infrastructure installation, ensuring that more business owners are willing to take the leap into supporting the EV marketplace now, and into the future.

1. Trendsapio

Location: Chicago. Illinois

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and catering to a global audience, Trendsapio is a digital incubator, and worldwide creative talent and innovation marketplace designed to showcase the artistic and entrepreneurial journeys of aspiring, new, and established artists, and entrepreneurs thriving in the fashion, fitness, film and fine arts genres. Trendsapio was created with the core mission of providing a safe place where artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs from around the globe would feel inspired, motivated, and encouraged to reach their highest aspirations.

Trensapio aims to drive artist, and entrepreneur creativity and productivity by providing them with the platform and tools needed to form lucrative collaborations with other artists, and entrepreneurs, and the means to monetize and promote their work to achieve true economic freedom. As shifting societal values have begun to place a higher value on the creativity and innovation of out-of-the-box thinkers, Trendsapio is perfectly positioned to help creatives and entrepreneurs expand and capitalize on their talents as we move into this new realm. 

Final Thoughts

The early-stage startup arena is crowded with high-quality contenders as we close out 2022, and head into 2023, and that is great news. The more the merrier we say. The more out-of-the-box thinkers, and innovative companies disrupt the status quo, the quicker all of us will be able to advance. There are plenty of great ideas, and groundbreaking companies coming down the startup pipeline, but we feel that the 10 early-stage startups that made our list are a cut above, and the top movers and shakers to keep your eye on for 2023.