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People always have excuses why they can’t stay fit during quarantine: no proper motivation, no space to workout at home, no knowledge about exercises. But what if there was a way you could reach them as a fitness entrepreneur? Nerissa and James Zhang introduce The Bright App. This all-in-one new fitness app makes it easy for personal trainers to connect with consumers virtually so you can continue expanding business during quarantine.

A New Fitness App

The Bright App is a management tool for trainers as well as a marketplace for consumers. It gives trainers the ability to track sessions, set schedules, and manage billing all in a single system. It also gives consumers the ability to browse for personal trainers who can help them stay fit virtually due to COVID-19. This new fitness app is also free for both personal trainers and consumers to use. So how does it work?

For Personal Trainers

Sign up is easy and takes about 30 seconds. Once you create an account, you have to create your own separate Zoom account. The Bright App then verifies your credibility through a background check and interview process. Once you are certified, consumers can contact you. The Bright App handles all expenses on advertising, so all you have to do as a personal trainer is show up to sessions.

For Consumers

Just sign up and start browsing! The Bright App hosts an array of personal trainers who specialize in everything from weightlifting to yoga. You can even workout with MMA fighters and olympian trainers who practice prenatal and postnatal care. As a consumer, you are sure to find a fitness instructor who fits your personal needs and can work with your schedule.

The Bright App Cofounders

Nerissa and James Zhang are the wife and husband cofounders of The Bright App. They are also the co-owners of Golden State Barbell Club, the premier training facility for Olympic weightlifting and strength training in San Francisco. Nerissa is a USAW powerlifting competitor of ten years. She has competed all over California and in Reno, Nevada. Prior to cofounding Golden State Barbell Club, James worked as a software developer for both Google and YouTube.

The pair developed The Bright App in 2019 because James wanted to help Nerissa better manage her clients at the gym. Instead of using five different systems to perform one job, they compiled everything into a single app. This includes scheduling, billing, and tracking sessions. After seeing how amazingly it worked, the pair decided to introduce their new fitness app to other trainers and studio owners. In just nine months, the popularity of their app has grown exponentially.

The Bright App has also created a marketplace for fitness trainers who no longer have gym access due to COVID-19. Though businesses are in the process of opening up now post-lockdowns, Nerissa and James are aware that most people are hesitant to return to their gyms. The Bright App provides the complete solution for both personal trainers who want to get on with business and consumers still seeking to be in the comfort of their home.

Benefits of Working Out at Home

According to Nerissa and James, The Bright App provides many benefits for working out at home. For one, quarantine has caused a spike in mental health issues due to extended periods of isolation. Exercise is a proven method to improve wellness, so staying active is a clear plus. But motivating yourself isn’t always so simple to do.

Because The Bright App makes it easy for consumers to connect with personal trainers virtually, an instructor can help you accomplish this. With everyone traveling less, we also have more disposable income, so concerns about not having the money to afford a personal trainer are out the door. Additionally, since you are paying for sessions, it is a great way to hold yourself accountable for exercising.

There is also the benefit of working out with a partner. Often times when a person is unfamiliar with workout routines, it can lead to serious injuries. A virtual personal trainer is there to show you whether you are working out properly and explain how to improve your technique.


But what if you have no space to workout at home? No problem. Since you can take The Bright App anywhere, trainers are there to help you whether you are exercising in your backyard or in the park. Nerissa says that most consumers are even working out in their bedrooms. All you need is a clear space and a mat.

The Bright App is paving the way for the future of fitness and both Nerissa and James are optimistic about the possibilities. They are excited to draw more users onto the app and for the chance to help personal trainers keep business going during the pandemic. Thanks to their contribution, everyone can stay active and healthy and fitness entrepreneurs can reach more clients worldwide.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.