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Businesses in America are now at a turning point. Every company is trying to create a good brand image to attract customers. The world is changing at lightning speed and they are trying to catch up. Business leaders are second guessing themselves on whether they are sending the right messages out into the world and, if not, what changes should they make? Getting this is not easy given that not every company has a good brand image. Can you guess which company has the best brand?

Well, according to Talkwalker, toymaker Lego is the most beloved brand in the world. The social media analytics tool looked at the number of times the brand has been mentioned. I know for Lego lovers this might not be a surprise. Lego is the largest and most profitable toymaker according to Washington post and it sells 7 sets a second. If you do your math very well, almost every person in the world could own 80 of them.

How Lego became one of the most beloved brands

What is brand love? Talkwalker looked at the bond companies build with customers. They measure this by looking at 11 factors such as how the company treats its customers, feelings of nostalgia, whether the company is practicing corporate social responsibility, how a company treats its employees, and the engagement between the company and influencers. These are just a few. Score all 11 and you will top the world. If you’re at the bottom, maybe consider these factors.

According to Talkwalker, Lego excels at creating a feeling of nostalgia. (Just look at the Friends Lego set) The company performs well in customer service, engages actively with influencers, and it shares considerable user-generated content on TV shows and social channels.

Friends Lego set

You should note that brand image is a pillar for the success of a business. Lego and Playmobil have been marketing their toys to adults which grows their sales and profitability. Yes! You read that correctly. Adults. Adults can spend more money than kids and they love the feeling of nostalgia. Lego scores so well here that Playmobil cannot match its level of brand love.

The second on the list was the All Seasons Hotel which treats its employees well and, in return, they treat the customers well. Others were Singapore Airlines, Celebrity Cruises, and The Container Store. There are few lesser-known businesses like Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Voot which is a Netflix-like subscription in India.

Wondering why you’re not seeing the usual suspects like Apple and Google? Talkwalker examined more than 750 million social media posts and press mentions to see how people respond to 700 companies in the world. They looked for phrases that indicate love and loyalty. They also moderated the scores so that big budget companies didn’t get an unfair advantage due to the high volume of mentions.

Brand love rankings are fun. Can you imagine why customers have such love for a toymaker brand? When it comes to business, Talkwalker says love is money. A sweet relationship with customers means companies can price premium. Customers are loyal, they become fans, and will recommend the brand to other potential customers. What company doesn’t want that?

What is your favorite brand? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.