People thought podcasting was a dying art. Now, over 80 million people listen to podcasts in the US alone, as we’ve realized how convenient they are. 95% of the time, multitasking is unproductive, but podcasts are ideal for using up “dead time”, like doing household chores, exercising, or commuting. As an entrepreneur, you need to make the most of every minute and dedicate yourself to developing and growing. 

Listen to these five podcasts—all of which are excellent tools—to give you a mental edge over your competition:

The MFCEO Project

In terms of raw authenticity, Andy Frisella is unmatched. His podcast is so popular not only because of the fantastic advice, but because Frisella is undeniably himself. He swears, shouts, and gets vulnerable. 

Above all, he allows his audience to see the real him, not a slicked-up, picture-perfect façade, making him extremely relatable. Because of this, The MFCEO Project has consistently ranked as the number one business podcast in iTunes. 

Frisella’s principles apply not only to running a business (being the CEO of a company) but to life in general (being the CEO of yourself): Accountability, loyalty, humility, discipline, grit, adding value, being selfless, being coachable, being enthusiastic, leading by example, and going the extra mile. These are all vital values that form the foundations of any successful person, business, or movement.

And it’s not all talk.

From absolutely nothing, Frisella has built up three thriving companies: Supplement Superstores, Paradise Distribution, and 1st Phorm. The latter, a renowned fitness brand, earns over $175 million annually and has inspired thousands worldwide to improve their physical health.

In Frisella’s own words, The MFCEO Project is for those sick of the “fluffy unicorns and rainbows” idealism of society, the excuse-making, and people constantly taking offense. Some of his stories will make you laugh out loud (specifically his newest podcast, Real AF—also worth a listen).

Some of his stories will leave you reeling with shock. Frisella covers anything and everything, from depression to being stabbed while defending a friend from a racist attack, to meeting women. He details the simple yet essential steps to build a successful business in the modern-day. There are also life-changing (free) tools to help you be successful, like his Power List, vision boards, and 75Hard Program.  

In all honesty, his content is so valuable that it deserves to have an entire article written on it. Go see for yourself.

Listen to The MFCEO Project podcast.

The Ed Mylett Show

Ed Mylett has been hugely successful. He has bounced back from his failure in professional baseball, to now having a net worth of over $400 million. He previously worked in the financial industry for World Financial Group, and is now in the public speaking industry. 

His podcasts are inspirational; listen to Fueling Your Flame, where Mylett addresses baseball players at his old college, using regrets from his playing career to fire them up. They also contain specific, actionable tips, from improving your listening skills to his concept of mini-days to his mantra of one more.

Mylett also has an extremely thoughtful way of uncovering the common habits and personality traits shared by leading experts in different world industries, from Joe Dispenza to David Goggins. He observes his guests— learning much himself—and highlights any key lessons, principles, or actions that his listeners can apply to their own lives.

The Ed Mylett Show will motivate you, enlighten you, and provide you with invaluable tips for self-development on your entrepreneurial journey.

Listen to The Ed Mylett Show podcast.

The School of Greatness

What does the word “masculinity” mean to you?

A big, strong, confident guy, who never shares anything, never shows emotion, never cries—that’s the stereotype, right? In his podcast, Lewis Howes underlines exactly why “being a man” means so much more.

Suicide is almost twice as likely to be committed by men than women, and Howes sensitively explores why, focusing on expectations men face, and the overwhelming pressure and suppressed anguish this results in. 

He talks about why men need to share their feelings more often, focusing on his own experience of being sexually assaulted as a child—something he kept secret for decades, believing it would “unman him”.

Aside from advocating vulnerability, The School of Greatness offers insights into the mindset of a successful entrepreneur, both from Howes himself, and a range of guests including Jim Kwik, Tony Robbins, and the late Kobe Bryant.

For a six-foot-four ex-professional athlete, Howes’ gentle, compassionate approach is far from what you might expect, even as he tells stories of him violently venting his anger on a basketball court, and finally revealing his childhood traumas in front of a large crowd. Very thought-provoking.

Listen to The School of Greatness podcast.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Chances are you’ve already heard of Gary Vaynerchuk. From expanding his family’s wine business to building one of the most popular digital agencies in the US (VaynerMedia), he’s one of the most recognized and versatile entrepreneurs in the world. He delivers his business guidance in a raw, confident, and unapologetic manner.

The GaryVee Audio Experience has a different format than most podcasts. Vaynerchuk answers live telephone calls from his listeners, who ask him entrepreneurial-focused questions, which he answers live on air.

The unedited, authentic nature of this amplifies the relatability of Vaynerchuk’s content to his listeners; he prescribes advice to all sorts of situations and dilemmas, which the audience can, in turn, apply to their struggles

Listen to The GaryVee Audio Experience podcast.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Have you ever read The 4-Hour Work Week? It’s a staple of modern entrepreneurialism, and its author—Tim Ferriss—was one of the first to start a podcast revolving around the world of business.

Of course, longevity alone doesn’t make a podcast a success. 

The high-quality of The Tim Ferriss Show’s content, as well as its renowned list of guests (that includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, and Jamie Foxx), makes it one of the best podcasts for any entrepreneur.

Ferriss remains fairly neutral throughout these interviews, letting him draw out previously-withheld information from his guests. Listeners can learn from, be inspired by, and use this information in their own lives.  The Tim Ferris Show is still going strong, and still very much worth your time.

Listen to The Tim Ferris Show podcast.

Do you have any favorite entrepreneurial or inspirational podcasts you’d like to recommend? If so, leave them in the comments below.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.