As I step away as Editor in Chief of GREY Journal, I wanted to take some time to reflect. Before I began here as an intern, I did not have prior experience working for a publication. Even though I had a published book and a long list of scripts I had worked on under my belt, I still wanted to be called an official writer. So I took a leap with my career and was granted a chance to work for GREY Journal. Within months, we transformed our blog into a business publication and I was excited to take charge and conduct interviews. For this, I am forever grateful.

I have listened to many of your stories and have witnessed your wins and losses right alongside you. There are many things I have learned from entrepreneurs over the years, but also from our contributing writers. Without you, we could not have grown our publication as much as we did. Thank you for reading and collaborating with us and giving me a chance to help tell your stories. As I depart, here are some bits of advice I learned from you.

You Are Your Biggest Advocate and Worst Adversary

No one will be as invested in your time or business as you are. When you do meet someone who champions hard for you, and also has good intentions, hold on to that person. There will be times when you doubt yourself and feel pressured to cave in. Take time to breathe and remind yourself why you do what you do. You will find you have more strength than you ever imagine.

Don’t Be Afraid to Evolve

On the other hand, if something is no longer bringing you success or joy, there is no shame in taking a step back. If all you feel is stressed or trapped, it’s alright to let it go and move on to the next thing. You can always pick up the pieces and try again when you feel recharged and have a fresh perspective. Acknowledge your mistakes and evolve.

Never Compromise Your Principles

There will be many people who attempt to undermine you or convince you to change your stance for their own personal gain. This can be an employee, colleague, or a friend. You know what is right and wrong and you may have to cut ties with them for your own sake. If someone’s vision does not align with your mission, don’t be afraid to turn them away.

Sometimes Hard Work Goes Unnoticed

If everything goes right, then no one thinks twice about it. But if a mistake slips through, then people start wondering who is responsible. Remember to thank your employees for keeping things running, and remember to thank yourself as well for everything you do.

Hustle Is More Than Just a Buzz Word

It’s a promise to yourself and those around you to deliver on a product or message. Keep working to improve yourself and don’t get sucked into the glamour of what everyone else is doing. There’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind closed doors and you have to be prepared for burden that comes with it.

When we publish something online, it’s so hard to know how many people it actually reaches. If you’re one of these people, I appreciate you. Thank you for reading and thank you for inspiring. Lastly, thank you GREY Journal.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.