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Balloon Artist. Airplane Builder. Chef. These three young entrepreneurs are innovative, hardworking, and creative. All were able to hone their crafts and passions and transform them into a business. From mastering an English breakfast meal to building the perfect paper airplane to creating unparalleled balloon sculptures, these entrepreneurs share their best advice for anyone to emulate in their own practices. Look no further for inspiration and overwhelming creativity through balloons, popsicle sticks, and bread.

Ben Richlin from Ben’s Balloon Animals

Ben Richlin is a 15-year-old entrepreneur and artist. And his artistic medium? Balloons. Ben, along with the help and support of his family, has been able to create a business of providing his art to customers in a variety of ways. According to Ben’s Balloon Animals Facebook Page, Ben offers yard installations, character recreations, and other sculptures while also providing in-person balloon twisting entertainment while following COVID-19 safety guidelines of course.

“My best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is simple, but extremely true. Find something that you like to do that’s different and unique, and find a way to make money off of it. I always loved balloon animals as a kid, and long story short, I learned how to make them myself. It sounds so simple, but it is really so effective.”

“I also advise to just keep at it. In my mind, the difference between a hobby and a business is what do you do when the going gets tough? What do you do when you’re only halfway done with a 6-hour long order and it’s 4 am? If it’s a true business, then you keep going until it’s done and done to perfection because your commitments come first. Always. For sustaining a business, the key is to find something that sets you apart from everyone else. A clear cut reason as to why clients should go to you instead of a competitor. Whether it be price, or customer service, or a truly unique product, there should be something that separates you from everyone else. That’s where you will find true success.”

Nicholas Bubeck from Creations by Nicholas

Nicholas started his Creations by Nicholas business during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nicholas’ mom wanted her 7-year-old to get creative during the pandemic and teach him something he wouldn’t otherwise learn in the classroom. When his little brother wanted a cool airplane just like the one Nicholas made, Nicholas knew the product for his new business. He states, “I really like art and creating things, so after I made a few planes, I thought: Oh, my business should be selling craft planes!” He uses a variety of materials to make his airplanes like popsicle sticks, corks, a bottle cap, a clothespin, etc. According to Nicholas, “Art makes me feel free.”

Nicholas says, “I’m just a kid. I started my business at 6, and now I’m 7. It makes my heart feel so happy to have people I don’t even know support me and place orders. I want other kids to know how fun it can be running a business. I like crafting and getting creative, so find something you like and turn it into something bigger. It takes work, but I love it…and you will too!”

Nicholas has a passion to give back as well. A portion of proceeds goes to the Triple Heart Foundation, providing books to NICU’s all over the United States. Nicholas states, “When I was born, I was in the NICU, so it means a lot to me.” Check out Nicholas’ awesome creations here.

Darryl Woolerson from Choice Rolls

Darryl Woolerson is a 17-year-old entrepreneur in the restaurant industry. His restaurant, Choice Rolls, provides exceptional breakfasts and baked goods in Bedford, UK. According to the Choice Rolls Facebook Page, Choice Rolls opened in August 2020 during the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Darryl was able to open up during the pandemic because the right premise became available. He enjoys keeping busy and doing things immediately because of his ADHD and so he, as Darryl states, “took a chance and went for it”.

Darryl states, “My best bit of advice is go with your dreams and never give up.” Darryl’s food makes a lasting impression on the community of Bedford with people providing their support for a Choice Rolls Take Away Small Breakfast of toast, fried eggs, sausage, and beans or just enjoy spending time at Choice Rolls or with Darryl.

As Darryl says, “I’ve always been very outgoing and a chatty person. I have lonely customers that come in just for the ambiance and chat. One lady commented it’s just like coming into a happy family situation.” Choice Rolls is not just a place for breakfast, but a place for comfort and community. Darryl gives back to his community as well by providing meals for families who are struggling during the holiday season which you can read more about here.

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