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Ghostwriting is a practice that is continuously increasing with the passage of every minute. Individuals from all over the world are hiring ghostwriting services to get their projects done with vetted writers. In order to get high-quality writing pieces, individuals are speedily approaching ghostwriting companies.

The primary benefit of hiring a ghostwriting company is that they get your work done within a given deadline. However, there are a few ghostwriting companies that come on the top when it’s to content creation. These companies have the best ghostwriters who are experts in different niches.

Without further ado, let’s get started to see what the top 10 ghostwriting companies should be given priority when you are seeking to hire a ghostwriter for your project.

1.    Vox Ghostwriting

Vox ghostwriting is the most prominent ghostwriting company. They have diligent writers who are capable of working under pressure, and under the hardest deadlines. Along with ghostwriting, at this time the company is providing editing, proofreading, and publishing services. Their client base is really glad about their services, there are a lot of reviews present on online platforms that can verify this statement.


2.    Ghostwriting Solution

Ghostwriting Solution, It comes under the list of the top Us based ghostwriting services for a valid reason. The company has an extensive team of writers, editors, proofreaders, and other professionals whose assistance is needed in the writing process. In case you hire them for your ghostwriting project, you will not get disappointed.

3.    Nexus Ghostwriting

Nexus Ghostwriting, It is another premium ghostwriting services provider. The company is aiming to provide one of the best ghostwriting solutions. By providing ghostwriting services to a lot of notable firms, they have made a great contribution in this field. There are so many notable enterprises and individuals that can vouch for them when it is mandatory.

4.    Fiction Ghostwriting

Fiction ghostwriting is one of those ghostwriting companies that have specialized ghostwriters for fiction writing. Along with that, they have skilled writers that are able to produce content in different niches. They are even capable of producing content on demand. The company is planning to expand even more.

5.    Ghostwriting LLC

It is one of the most convenient and feasible ghostwriting service providers. They offer the most suitable writing solution at very reasonable pricing. The content created by their writers goes through a detailed process before the provision of the final piece to the clients.


6.    Book Writing Inc

The best platform for those in need of skilled ghostwriters is Book Writing INC. The company recruited competent writers with a variety of backgrounds and experiences from around the world. The business stands out because it doesn’t think twice about offering its clients multiple revisions. They make every effort to meet the client’s expectations, no matter what.

7.    The Urban Writers

It is the best platform for those who are in dire need of capable ghostwriters. The company hired skilled writers, who belong to diverse regions of the world, and have diverse experiences. The thing that makes the company unique is that it does not hesitate to provide several revisions to the clients. No matter what, they put all their efforts to fit up to the client’s expectations.

8.    Elite Authors

They are one of those ghostwriting companies that never compromise on the quality of the content. The content they provide is of high quality, unique, and adheres to the guidelines provided by the clients. They have helped several companies and individuals in gaining recognition. To ensure the quality of the content, the content created by their writers goes through a brief process and the process is supervised by the content managers.

9.    Write Right

Write Right offers professional ghostwriting services. The business wants to be one of the top providers of ghostwriting services. They have contributed greatly to this field by offering ghostwriting services to many renowned businesses. When necessary, they can be endorsed by a large number of illustrious companies and people.


10.    Orange Publishers

One of those ghostwriting businesses that never sacrifices the quality of the content is Orange Publishers. They deliver high-quality, distinctive content that complies with the client’s specifications. They have aided numerous businesses and people in gaining notoriety. The content produced by their writers goes through a quick process to ensure its quality, and the process is overseen by content managers.

What to look for when hiring a ghostwriting company?

As of now, you are aware of all the ghostwriting services/companies that come in the Top 10 in the United States so you can hire any of them with ease, which you think can suit best for your project. However, there are certain things that should be taken care of while hiring ghostwriting companies.

1.    Hire a niche expert

It is important to hire an expert writer who is capable of writing as per your niche in order to get content that is up to your expectations.

2.    Conduct a thorough interview

The second most important thing is to know about those whom you are going to hire for your project, no matter if they are a ghostwriting agency or any individual freelance writer. Ask for their portfolio of past work.