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Will I get a job at my desired organization? How much will I get paid after completing my education? What are the growth opportunities in my field? These and many other questions are common in an average student’s mind. And why should it not be? Pursuing a degree is one of the most significant investments. Students spend considerable time, money, and energy to complete their education.

However, among various degrees, business majors are always in-demand. Every organization needs business principles to grow and thrive, irrespective of the niche or size. Thus, professionals with a degree in business can help organizations meet their goals.

Are you wondering what kind of business degrees are popular these days? Well, then the below article can give you a comprehensive overview of the best business degrees that can help you land a perfect career:

1. Business administration

Business administration is one of the most versatile and sought-after degrees. The degree gives you a sound knowledge of various aspects of the business. Pursuing this degree can help you learn the ins and outs of many business topics, including finance, statistical analysis, operations management, business law, and information systems.

A degree in business administration can help you choose many career roles, such as sales manager, financial manager, administrative services manager, management analyst, etc.

Earning a master’s degree can indeed help you secure a high-paying job role. But, at some point in your life, you may want to reach the pinnacle of leadership in an organization. For that, the employer needs professionals with higher expertise and higher education. Thus, you can pursue an online DBA and set yourself apart from other candidates. In addition, earning an online degree gives you the flexibility to learn at your pace.

2. Accounting

Simply put, there would be no business if there had been no accounting. The reason is that the primary goal of every business is to generate revenue and make profits.

So do you enjoy working with numbers and calculations? Then, a degree in accounting might be your call. Your coursework would include monitoring cash flow, submitting tax forms, creating financial reports, auditing, and keeping track of payroll and other expenses.

With an accounting degree, you can find employment as an internal auditor, financial representative, tax examiner, forensic accountant, management accountant, etc.

Moreover, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average salary of accountants and auditors is $77,250 per year, and the employment outlook will grow by 7% from 2020 to 2030.

3. Marketing

If you are a people person with the potential to persuade others, step your foot in the marketing field.

The marketing aspect of the business helps you gain insight into customer behavior. For example, you can learn why customers want to buy your products or services with a marketing degree. As a marketing professional, you will be responsible for gathering and analyzing customer data and the latest market trends to develop effective campaigns and help the company generate sales.

Marketing majors can open various career paths for you, such as sales manager, marketing manager, management analyst, operations manager, digital marketer, etc.

The degree will help you develop good interpersonal, attention-to-detail, problem-solving and effective communication skills.

The median wage of marketing managers is $135,030 per year.

4. Human resource management

There is no denying that employees are invaluable assets of an organization.

Every company struggles to hire well-qualified and highly-skilled employees and retain them. Pursuing a degree in human resources can help you contribute to your organization’s success by recruiting, evaluating, and training talents. Your job responsibilities include conducting interviews, hiring the best talent, taking charge of benefits and compensation, and training the employees.

Human resource graduates must have excellent communication, critical thinking, strategic management, organization, and decision-making skills.

The average income of human resources specialists is $62,29 per year as per BLS. And the job outlook will grow 10% from 2020 to 2030.

5. International business

Have you ever wondered how businesses operate globally? Chances are you worked at a company with offices in different locations worldwide. You might be curious about how employees communicate regularly. To get answers to your questions, pursuing a degree in international business might be the right option.

The degree will help you cover numerous topics, including global marketing, political economy, geography, international business law, global logistics, etc.

Moreover, suppose you wish to be successful once you graduate. In that case, you must hone adaptive thinking, excellent networking, cross-cultural communication, and resilience skills.

The graduates of this program can secure different positions such as marketing executive, international financial analyst, management analyst, foreign exchange trader, etc.

6. Supply chain management

Businesses ship their products or materials from one place to another by different methods, for example, via truck, airplane, or ship. So if you wish to be a part of the logistics process, consider enrolling in a supply chain management degree.

The courses this degree program may cover include logistics management, transportation management, accounting principles, micro and macroeconomics, storage and warehouse techniques, etc. In addition, the degree will equip you with different skills, such as problem-solving, leadership, data analytics, and communication.

Are you wondering what job roles are possible once you complete your education with this degree? The graduate students can find many job positions, including supply chain manager, logistics analyst, purchasing manager, production planner, quality manager, etc.

The average salary of logisticians is $77,030 per year, and the employment outlook will grow by 30% from 2020 to 2030.

7. Entrepreneurship

Do you wish to turn your unique idea into a reality and get your business off the ground? In that case, a degree in entrepreneurship can help you achieve your goals. And while starting or running your venture, you don’t necessarily need education. Still, getting a degree can help you learn the ins and outs of a business and help you survive in a highly-competitive world of startups.

A degree in entrepreneurial studies can help you cover business plan development, marketing, business ethics, public speaking, macroeconomics, accounting, statistics, etc. Furthermore, the degree program allows you to hone many necessary skills, including creativity, leadership, critical thinking, negotiation, and team management.

After completing your education, you can become a business owner, or you can choose to be a business consultant.

Key takeaways

The best part about a business degree is finding employment in almost every sector. So whether you decide to launch your own successful company, or you might picture yourself in a managerial position at a multinational firm. A business degree is what you need to make your dreams come true. Although pursuing a business degree might seem a bit expensive, it will be worth your time and money. However, before choosing your school, conduct thorough research and choose the one with the best instructors and reputation.