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It’s been said that entrepreneurs have been directly and indirectly affected by the experience of dealing with mental health.

Entrepreneurs are statistically additionally likely to be impacted by mental health problems. Experiencing loneliness as an entrepreneur experienced mental health issues.

It’s already a substantial issue in our sector that has just conveyed more prominence within COVID times, and now Monkeypox and the continuous involvement with being quarantined, lockdowns, standard curfews, and much more. 

Entrepreneurs have been understood to form and host a succession of meetings discussing the challenges of handling a start-up with many events that hold great fortune.

These events allow the chance to experience real-life and real-time connections.

The Resolution

One thing for sure is some solutions and conversations can help others who have felt and experienced loneliness. As we know, and some may even agree that social media has placed a strain on everyday notions. As entrepreneurs view, are pictures of others being successful. Many will view showing a nonexistent portrayal of success rather than struggling with loss and financing – some very successful individuals and even peers may feel a high level of loneliness and discomfort no matter the sensation.

Plus, being a perfectionist causes significant issues.

Anne Lamott said, “Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you insane your whole life.”

With all honesty, we need to find a path to standardize conversation when we may have bad days and be open about anxiety, burnout, pressure, and depression – whatever the experience we must forever remember, we’re all human!


Beyond being an entrepreneur is primarily constructing a name of oneself and especially having the strength to be honest about one’s struggle, even in public and on social media; I don’t know, but that seems like authentic leadership to me. 

The reason isn’t just due to the matter of at least recognizing that you’re indeed in a feeble state, but because it does inform your peers and those around you regarding your mental health experience. 

Regarding your space of success but also holding the importance of recognizing what is happening and simply knowing you’re alone so, through this experience, never forget to reach out, have a moment, and give your space; it’s okay being an entrepreneur is not as important as taking care of yourself.