In this post COVID world we live in, businesses of all sizes have taken a hit. Yet the most affected have been small businesses. The Wall Street Journal report that 42% of small businesses were in danger of going out of business in the fourth quarter of 2020. 

On the other hand, some have been able to do well and even exceed expectations over the last year.  

So what is the main difference between your business, not only staying afloat but thriving during times of distress? Digital marketing. 

Yes, more and more small business owners are realizing the importance of digital marketing. Keep on reading if you want to find out why digital marketing is essential for your business. 

importance of digital marketing
importance of digital marketing

Be Where Your Customers Are

At the heart of any business is making sure that customers know you exist and the services that you can provide. In the past, a small local business could depend on advertisements, flyers, and word of mouth. But as consumer habits have changed, so have the ways in which we interact with businesses.

For example, 88% of people who search locally for a business call them within the same day! Can you imagine how many leads a business is missing out on if they have no online visibility? On the other hand, practices like optimizing your website, making good use of social media, and using targeted ad campaigns can enable you to go from being relatively unknown to the first choice in your niche.    

Make no mistake, just because you may not understand the importance of digital marketing, your competitors do. So it pays to put some thought into some form of digital marketing strategy.

You also have the added benefit of your business being open to the global marketplace. By not having to depend solely on the local area, widens your customer pool, which will naturally lead to driving revenue. 

The Importance of Digital Marketing to Your Reputation 

Such is the expectation from consumers to find you online, not being able to find a company on Google or social media is a red flag for many. So taking time to invest in digital marketing like Fusion Digital Agency will do wonders in enhancing your reputation and credibility as a business.

This also extends to customer interaction. While it may be easy to think that because customers shop and interact online, some rapport could be lost, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A vast majority of consumers are comfortable and even expect to use social media when interacting with a business, especially for customer service issues. 

Commenting on reviews, answering customer queries, and responding to out-of-hours emails the following day are all possible when you make good use of digital marketing. 

Being visible 24 hours a day adds further value to your business and falls in line with customer expectations.   

Make Digital Marketing Work for You

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of digital marketing to small businesses. We have just touched on the main digital marketing benefits that you stand to gain, but there are many more. 

With this in mind, whether you need a small business website design or wish to take advantage of a digital marketing strategist, we at Sidney Kay Designs can help. 

We have been able to help countless businesses grow and would love to assist you also.