At first glance, Tessa Embry may seem like an ordinary 22 year-old. However, you’ll be amazed to learn that she is already a doctor of Psychology. Dr. Thessalonika Embry finished her bachelor’s at 14, got her MBA at 16, and obtained her Ph.D. in Psychology at 19. How was she able to accomplish this? Unsurprisingly, it came with a lot of hard work. But what is surprising is that she is now making it possible for you and everyone else to get a bachelor’s degree in 4 months through her accelerated college program OneTwentyEdu.

What is OneTwentyEdu?

Dr. Thessalonika "Tessa" Embry, President of Learnday and OneTwentyEdu. Photo courtesy of Laura Orrico Public Relations
Dr. Thessalonika “Tessa” Embry, President of Learnday and OneTwentyEdu. Photo courtesy of Laura Orrico Public Relations

OneTwentyEdu is an accelerated college program that helps anyone jump the education barrier. Per their website, “This 120-day system provides a personalized approach to gain an alternative college credit in a condensed amount of time.” Tessa Embry, along with her mother and brother, have created these revolutionary educational programs to help students around the world obtain a college education at their own pace.

So how does OneTwentyEdu make this possible? They incorporate alternative college courses from various accredited organizations into their program. To achieve this, OneTwentyEdu obtains their credentials from ACE (American Council on Education), which was founded in 1918 as a way to offer accelerated college programs for students in the military. There are 3,000 alternative college courses and over 1,000 organizations that offer these courses, so for OneTwentyEdu it just became a question of compiling them and opening the doors to the wider public. 5,000 universities in the U.S. accept ACE as an accredited program, so students can take the credits they have earned through OneTwentyEdu and transfer them to the college of their choice in order to obtain their bachelor’s degree.

A Child Prodigy

(From left) Wonder, Tessa, and Jeremy Embry of Jump the Education Barrier
Dr. Thessalonika Embry, PhD – President of Learnday and OneTwentyEdu (From left) Wonder, Tessa, and Jeremy Embry. Photo courtesy of Laura Orrico Public Relations

Tessa Embry herself is very familiar with the alternative college courses offered by ACE. Growing up, she and her older brother Jeremy were always moving to different places because their mother, Wonder, was in the military. Wonder would enlist Tessa and Jeremy as her college study partners, so Tessa recalls learning the same things her mother was learning by the time she was 5.

Tessa and Jeremy also sat in classes with their mom and became interested in enrolling in psychology. As a family, they had the desire to open a counseling clinic, so Tessa looked into ways to make that possible. She took a college entrance exam and scored a 174, way above the 142 average. Although there were some age restrictions to take the enrollment exam in the first place, Tessa gained approval from the board and was able to start earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology. From there, she was well on her way to obtaining her master’s and Ph.D. While her accomplishments are truly remarkable, they are also living proof that education does not have to be the long, drawn out experience it is today.

Jumping the Education Barrier

Entrepreneur college students sitting on campus
Entrepreneur college students sitting on campus

Tessa believes a college education should be accessible to everyone and should not be the financial burden that claims so many graduates victim. She says there are many education barriers that colleges specifically put in place to keep students from graduating and landing in more debt. It all starts with admissions, where colleges cherry pick students based on zip codes, school districts, and family connections. Some schools still charge applications fees without the intent of accepting students outside of their requirements, so it is an easy way for them to collect money. Then there’s the cost of tuition. The average college tuition for an Ivy League school is over $50,000 per year.

“A more expensive degree does not equal a better education. College is always affected by economy inflation, so it costs more now than it did 40 years ago to go to school. That’s why students are graduating with more debt instead of investing that money into something that is more beneficial.”

Tessa Embry, President of Learnday and OneTwentyEdu

Repetitive courses also come into play where colleges force students to take placement exams and, depending on what they score, the college may determine a student needs to take high school level math for a year and a half before they can take college level math. From there on, they may have to take College Algebra 201, 301, etc.

OneTwentyEdu is helping change the future of education by eliminating unnecessary courses and making college more affordable. According to Tessa, colleges are just now starting to recognize that students can learn outside of classrooms and it is important for them adapt to online education, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online Homeschool Programs for Kids

In addition to offering college programs, Tessa also launched an education program for children ages 10-18. Learnday is an online homeschool program that teaches college level subjects to kids and teens to increase their emotional intelligence. The program lasts for two months and is designed to prepare them for accelerated college programs like OneTwentyEdu.

To discover more about Learnday or how you can get a bachelor’s degree in 4 months through OneTwentyEdu, check out Tessa Embry’s webinars every Tuesday and Thursday starting August 18th. See their calendar for more dates and information.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.