I want to ask you a question . . . At the beginning of the New Year, do you:

1) Make New Year’s resolutions, or…

2) Set your intentions for the upcoming year?

Me, I am a huge proponent of setting intentions. I have found that when I used to make resolutions, they would only last a few weeks and then they would fall by the wayside, setting myself up for negative self-judgment. Too many people make “New Year’s Resolutions”, thereby setting themselves up for failure or self-flagellation when their momentum slows down or comes to a complete stop.

Intentions for the New Year

Entrepreneurs celebrating New Years
Entrepreneurs celebrating New Years

This year I invite you to create your intentions for the upcoming year. Setting intentions is a powerful step in the Law of Attraction. Intentions help you focus on what you want to manifest in your life. I suggest that you take some time for yourself and think about what it is you want to bring into your life, both personally, and professionally. Write down what you want to manifest. You can do it as a list, or as a visual flow.

Here’s a little secret …when setting your intentions, construct them in the present tense. If you write them as pleas or questions, it dilutes their power. Write your intentions or visual concept as if they already exist. Write the list with gratitude.

For example, you don’t want to say “I want” or “Please bring me a new car” or “Bring me a new job.” You want to be specific and state it like you already received it, such as, “Thank you (add entity who you pray to here; Jesus, God, High Self) for my new position as Vice President of Marketing. I am grateful for my $200,000 a year salary and my $50,000 signing bonus. Thank you for a Lexus ES 300 as my company car, and a generous benefits package that includes a 401K plan, four weeks’ vacation, company Apple laptop computer, etc.” If you can dream it, you can receive it. I think you get the idea. You want to think big! Even if it seems unattainable, write it down. Don’t judge or criticize anything you desire.

Don’t Let Your Inner Critic Block Your Intentions

Entrepreneur looking up at night sky on New Years
Entrepreneur looking up at night sky on New Years

When I suggest a visual concept, what I’m suggesting is that you write your intentions in a story form. You can start with something like, “When I awoke, I felt gratitude for my custom feather bed and the 1,000 count Egyptian cotton linens…” and create from there. This not only allows you to write the story about what you want to manifest, but it allows your creativity to flow.

Whether you set your intentions in list form, or as a visual concept, one of the most important steps is that you read your intentions or concepts, preferably out loud, each and every day.

The last step is to state to the Universe, “This or something better, for my highest good and the highest good of all involved.” “So be it, and so it is, it is done, it is done, it is done”, “Amen” out loud, and/or in writing.

I read an article about Jack Canfield around the time he wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul. The story shared that when he was writing the book, he set his intentions for the book to make a million dollars. To support his intention, he pasted a check for a million dollars on his ceiling so that he would see that check every night before he fell asleep and each morning when he awoke. The story goes that at the end of the year, he didn’t make a million, but he did make nine hundred thousand dollars. Was he disappointed? Not at all. The story said that his intention setting brought him close to his goal. Did this dissuade him? Again, no. As a matter of fact, the following year he surpassed that million-dollar goal.

My wish for you is that you try my suggestion, so that you can learn first-hand how amazing the Law of Attraction and manifesting can be for you.

This year is nearly complete, and this is my last article of 2021. I want to thank Grey Journal and each and every one of you for allowing me to share my flow of consciousness with you. With every submission, you are front and center in my thoughts . . . my reason for creating the articles that I compose. My “heart cup runneth over with love and gratitude for all of you.“

I would love to know what topics or areas of life you’d like to read about for this upcoming year. If you’d like to share how my writings have helped you, or your thoughts about them, please reach out to me. You can email at marla@mghealer.com.

Wishing each and every one of you a holiday season filled with love, laughter, great health, abundance, magic and miracles.

Holiday Hugs,

Marla Goldberrg

This article originally published on GREY Journal.