Yes, we are aware! Growing your startup can be incredibly exhausting and extremely daunting. From the recruitment process of attracting a pool of qualified candidates down to the selection process of finding the right fit, the stress associated with the entire process can definitely not be underestimated. How about we take you through ways and methods by which the workload would, if not totally eliminated, be drastically minimized? Here are eight ways to create a simple, but effective hiring process and give you more time for projects that generate revenue:

Proper Job Description

Entrepreneur writing job description for open startup position

In every startup hiring process, the most significant barrier is hiring, that is, not having the right people in the suitable holes. It is often said that it is essential to carefully choose the first ten employees to determine the next hundred. New hires impact everything, from product development to company culture, team morale, work quantity, and quality, and ultimately, team capabilities. The list goes on and on. Thus, attracting the right set of qualified candidates is of extreme importance. This should start with developing a thorough understanding of the available positions. The information defining the title, responsibilities, and qualifications for the position can be documented in a position description. Putting all these in place will make targeting the right set of people a success.

Alluring Job Posting

While hiring for any role at every stage of company growth is always tricky, it is particularly challenging for early-stage startups. When nobody knows who you are, attracting top talent is extremely difficult, and you will need to go the extra mile to attract good-fit prospects. To build an enticing job posting, including some information about your company, is not such a bad idea. Back this up with information on how to apply, value the available position, and a salary range. This will go a long way in pulling a reasonable figure of prospective candidates.

Candidate Sourcing Methods

In this 21st century, the online recruitment method is a pretty popular choice of candidate sourcing. It helps relieve the stress associated with written applications, and it is as simple as creating a separate email account to receive resumes. This account can send an automatic response to the applicant to confirm that the resume has been received.

Reviewing Applications

Entrepreneur reviewing job applications for open startup position

This involves comparing applications with the required skills listed in your job interview. This is a very important step in the startup hiring process as candidates who do not meet the must-have requirements are automatically counted as a poof fit for the position. This step can be regarded as a filtration process in which good-fit candidates are easily identified, and they can advance to the next step of the hiring process. If there are too many resumes, tightening your screening criteria to focus on top applicants alone will be the most favorable option. This can be done by assessing how candidates present themselves in writing via their cover letters. Timeliness, grammar, and spelling would be vital critical points to take note of.

Evaluation of Shortlisted Candidates

At this point, the leading candidates would have been identified via the creation of a shortlist focused on the top three to five candidates. The shortlisted candidates can then be invited for interviews and assessment tests. Questions asked during these interviews can help screen out candidates on the basis of unrealistic salary expectations, questionable employment history, level of confidence and optimism, as well as poor communication skills. Your interviews for a particular position should follow a similar format, as this will enable you to compare the candidates objectively and ensure there is no favoritism. Once you identify the leading candidate, reference checks can be performed. This is just to validate the results of the screening process.

Decision Making

To make the decision-making process as easy as possible, it is advisable to have a spreadsheet that scores applicants on their values and how they align with the company, salary expectations, job history/experience, and skills. It is also necessary to involve other people in the interview process. Your evaluation of each candidate, as well as collated feedback from others, would help to get rid of unconscious bias.

Conduct a background check and contact references

Conducting pre-employment background checks and contacting references is essential to the hiring process. A background check will help ensure a candidate is legally fit for the position, reducing the risk of criminal activities like violence, theft, or abuse. It can also verify information on an applicant’s job application or resume and help your company decide whether an individual is the right person for the jobFor creating an optimal work environment, strategic human resources management recognizes the significance of partnering with trusted background screening services. Services like Accès Identité can play an important role in ensuring thorough and accurate background checks, contributing to the integrity and success of the overall HR strategy.

Communication with Applicants

Once the right candidate for the position has been successfully identified, it is only natural to make an offer, congratulating and inviting such a candidate onboard. However, it does not end there. Courtesy demands that you inform unsuccessful applicants that you will not be moving forward with their applications. This particular step is often overlooked. However, it is crucial to do this as soon as possible as it would be pointless and quite unfair to make such applicants wait for weeks to hear back from you, only to find out that they did not make it to the interview.

Employee Training

Part of familiarizing a new employee with the norms, values, and standards of every company is to conduct internship training. This would enable the new hire to blend in quite comfortably and easily and get used to the environment as quickly as possible. The training process can be done at intervals to give a breathing space for the new hire and enable an effective learning process.

Hiring is undoubtedly one of the top priorities for any startup, and a lot of time has to be dedicated to the entire process as a whole. Finding, hiring, and maintaining the right kind of talent for your company will either make it or break it. If you hire the right set of people, it is evident that you are well on your way to bringing on board the skills and experience needed to grow your company and develop your product. If, on the other hand, you hire the wrong set of people, then the success of your company is obviously at risk. Therefore, attracting top talents for your startup is of utmost importance.

Do you have any more ways to streamline the hiring process for your startup? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.