The Job Market

When we talk about the conventional job market, we think about a chaotic white-collared army heading to work as they grab a coffee on the go, and whine about their respective jobs. Why did you think of New York or Starbucks? Because it’s presented that way – in the most frenzied grisly fashion.

It’s 2022 and thankfully this is not the case anymore. People are working from their homes and they don’t have to rush to work anymore. As for their chaotic panic-stricken jobs, that may have changed too. People are not salaried sheep anymore; they seek a higher hedonistic purpose from their work – and so I believe, do the companies that they work in. 

Post-COVID, the semblance of the job market has changed and hence, the job seekers have turned to newer ways of expressing their talents. Mckinsey’s report on ‘The future of work after COVID-19’ revealed that there has been an increase of 25% in the global workforce expressing a need to change their occupations. For employers, this means that they need to work harder to retain their talent. 

Retaining the existing Talent

As we move forward to talk about unconventional ways to attract talents to join your companies, we must understand the paramountcy of retaining the talent that you already have. Finding the right ones is a difficult task, the cost of training and familiarizing them with your company is expensive; so making all the necessary efforts to keep your employee happy is imperative.

Statista reported 220.5 million unemployed persons globally in 2021 as opposed to 187.3 million in 2020, marking it the biggest annual increase in unemployment. If you’re wondering that the pool of candidates you attracted was not good enough, maybe you are just not looking in the right places.

Finding the right platform

A few weeks ago, I came across an Accenture ad amid my Spotify pop playlist. They didn’t stop at that, they have a podcast too. A few would say that they may be spending money in unchartered territories. However, I think it is a great way of trying to establish themselves as a young, culture-driven employer brand. 

There are several platforms out there to be used by recruiters looking for candidates. However, there is no right platform. The only right platform is the one with your major audience. Some companies choose to hire through LinkedIn while some choose TikTok – your platform is where your talent is. 

Hire your Consumers

Adding on to the last point, another great way of attracting talent can be hiring your consumers. You must have a clear picture of who your target market is, and this is who you need to attract. This will help you gain a consumer’s perspective on what your brand looks like and a larger insight into how your consumers think. If you are marketing to millennials, there is no one better than a millennial who can help you figure out what can work the best.

The Hiring Process

A better placement process can directly help you attract more talent. Like money, time is also a resource. It is always better to have a shorter hiring process. 

  • As a job seeker, I have always liked companies with lesser number of rounds as it saves a lot of time. It is always good to ask more holistic questions to understand what kind of aperson a candidate is. 
  • Something that is not very common is disclosing the expected salary in the initial stages. This is a practice that save time and efforts for both the job seeker and the recruiter. 
  • Recruiters that send follow up emails after every stage and rejection emails are much appreciated by the job seekers. The painful process of following up after each round makes the candidates feel desperate and exhausted. Doing this, recruiters can ensure that their time and the candidate’stime is being respected

An Open House

I was reading a Forbes article on creative ways to attract talent suggested by the members of the Forbes Coaches Council. They suggested an Open House where employers meet employees face to face, in a semi-formal environment. It did look like a great way to recruit as it can attract a pool of candidates. It can also be a part of the selection process to see which prospects and employers are on the same wavelengths.

Personal Brands

The eligibility criteria for most jobs, especially entry-level, are usually very rigid. With this whole new meta transformation of the world, the rules need to be withdrawn or made more flexible. Now people build personal brands through the power of social media and when you hire these brands, your company’s brand value is automatically appreciated. This can strategically help you fixate yourself as an employer brand in the market.


The world has allowed us the time and space to think bigger and better. Our jobs can bring us much more than just money. Companies can extract much more than just labor from their employees. There is, now, the luxury of developing employee relationships to enhance performance. This article brought to you some new ways of finding the best people to work with. 

Comment down your innovative ways of attracting talent to join your company.